Pimafucin tablets for the treatment of candidiasis

intestinal candidiasis today are often, as in the treatment of various diseases prevalent use of antibiotics that kill the normal intestinal microflora.That she was restrained reproduction of fungi belonging to the genus Candida, causing candidiasis.Treatment of intestinal candidiasis - quite a challenge, and therefore should be applied antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.For the treatment of candidiasis may be used Pimafutsin tablets.

Symptoms of intestinal candidiasis

Signs of intestinal candidiasis include loss of appetite, malaise, weakness, loss of ability to work, in some cases - a slight rise in temperature.May cause nausea, the occurrence of liquid stools, flatulence, abdominal pain, including intestinal colic.

candidiasis chair can be a liquid, possibly the presence of a solid first portion, sometimes with mucus.The chair may take the form of "sheep feces" and have a putrid or sour smell.

If candidiasis is prolonged, it can be broken by the digestive process than is caused by a vitamin defi

ciency.In the case of a lack of vitamin B1 may appear different neurological disorders, with a shortage of vitamin B12 - can develop anemia, with a deficiency of nicotinic acid - the signs of neurosis, inflammation of the tongue and oral mucosa, increased salivation.When intestinal candidiasis impaired absorption of fat soluble vitamins, so that is possible to develop a number of serious diseases.

Candidiasis is caused by severe sensitization of the organism, which is why quite often develop a variety of allergic diseases.In the absence of proper treatment of the disease, it may be extended to bodies located close to the urinary tract, kidneys and reproductive organs.Additionally, fungi from the genus Candida may enter the bloodstream and to distant organs.

pimafutsin tablets for the treatment of candidiasis

Tablets pimafutsin covers enteric coat, allowing penetration of the drug directly into the intestine.Pimafutsin tablet contains 100 mg of active substance.

drug when released into the intestines is not absorbed into the blood.Its action occurs locally in the skin or mucous membranes.They destroyed the cells of Candida violation of the permeability of membranes.Pimafutsn differs from similar drugs that have no infectious agents resistant to it.

pimafutsin tablets to treat intestinal candidiasis designate adults and 1 piece 4 times a day.The treatment may be of varying duration, but takes an average of 1 week.Tablets pimafutsin children are assigned to 1 joke, 2 times a day.

pimafutsin tablets may be prescribed for candidiasis and other organs.This is necessary due to the fact that the intestine plays a role of a natural reservoir fungal genus Candida.And if it will be permanent reproduction of fungi, the treatment of diseases such as thrush or candidiasis of the urinary tract will be useless.Also, intestinal candidiasis can be supported candidiasis other organs, what will be called relapse.In some cases, intestinal candidiasis may be asymptomatic, and if the diagnosis is only possible in laboratory research.

Sometimes pills combined with other antifungal agents, for example, with griseofulvin.

Contraindications and side effects of pills pimafutsin

Pimafucin considered completely non-toxic drug.Even in case of receiving a large number of tablets are usually side-effects of poisoning does not develop.Pimafucin permitted for use during pregnancy, breast-feeding.In addition, he may be appointed for babies.Therefore, the tablet has only one contraindication - the emergence of individual intolerance of its components.

When pimafutsin pill can be nausea and diarrhea at the beginning of treatment.In this case there is no need to remove the drug, and further side effects tested without further treatment.

pimafutsin tablets sold in pharmacies by prescription, because their reception should be carried out under the supervision of laboratory tests.

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