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How to drink fresh juices

Fresh juices are the elixir of youth.It contains nearly all the vitamins present in fruits and vegetables before one was prepared juice.The fresh-juice contains more than 80% of natural water, which, as well as plant sugars, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, easily digested and replenish its reserves.Fresh juices restored immunity and protective properties of the organism.But you can not consume too much of fresh juice, you should first learn how to drink juice.For example, beet juice can harm the stomach wall due to the fact that he has a great acidity.But when it is combined with other juices it can bring many benefits.Also, because of the high acidity should be cautious to use juice from citrus fruits.

How to drink juices

Fresh juices should drink 1 hour before meal.By drinking fresh juices, together with the food effect will be minimal.Juices should be drunk immediately after they are squeezed, as by contact with air and nutrients lost juicer.In addition, the juice begins to delaminate and quickly
lose their flavor.Fresh juices can be mixed with each other to conceal the taste qualities of the other juice.For example, the juice of celery very few people like it, but if it is mixed with other juices, it can turn out tasty and healthy drink.Consider how to drink juice and how much you can drink juice a day.

How to drink carrot juice

carrot is the most important vegetable, comes in the human body carotene.In Frechet carrot apart carotene contains vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and nicotinic acid.Freshly squeezed carrot juice improves appetite, digestion, strengthens the nervous system and increases the tone of the body.They cleans and cholesterol.It is recommended in the presence of thyroid disease, kidney stones, and eczema.You need to know how much you can drink fresh carrot juice and how to drink carrot juice.Can bring benefits to the body 1-2 glasses a day.However, the exact amount of juice consumed depends on the person, and it may be a day from 500 ml up to 3 liters of juice.To improve the quality of the milk of nursing mothers should drink a lot of carrot juice.Eating large doses of milk, it is necessary to monitor the state of your body, because it may appear headache, drowsiness, lethargy, and vomiting.When these side effects should reduce the number of drunk juice.

How to drink pomegranate juice

in pomegranate juice contains antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins and other nutrients.Fresh pomegranate juice is a great way to increase hemoglobin.Before drinking freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, it should be diluted with water or mixed with other juices as hyperacidity.Pomegranate juice can be drunk during the treatment of scurvy, urate diathesis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension.It also helps when a well headaches, in the case of gastro-intestinal disorders and anemia.If anemia is recommended to drink 0.5-1 st.3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.Continue to drink 2-4 months, take a break for a while and repeat the treatment.How to drink pomegranate juice in other cases - there are no clear limits should listen to your body.Pomegranate juice can treat burns.Juice smeared the entire surface of the burn, then burn sprinkled with powder from the dried peel.

How to drink beet juice

most useful of vegetable juice is the juice of red beet, which contains large amounts of vitamins, iodine, iron, amino acids, manganese and other elements.Beet juice, fresh juice cleanses the kidneys, improves the blood, strengthens the immune system and restores power.The result of the use of poor-quality food is the accumulation of calcium in the blood vessels.Solution of calcium and expand blood vessels can use the sodium contained in the freshly squeezed juice of beets.Beet juice is the best remedy for insomnia and hypertension.The total number of drunk per day beet juice should not exceed 100 ml.It is advisable to dilute the juice with water.

How to drink lemon juice

Fresh lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, sugar, potassium and vitamin P. Lemon juice, fresh reduces fatigue, increases efficiency and cured many diseases.Before drinking the lemon juice should be diluted with warm water, add 2 tablespoons of honey drink.So drink increases immunity, brain activity and improves memory.