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Avocado - exotic and benefits

Currently get avocados is easy.But as a rule, they are purchased for the gala dinner, and in the daily diet they come from a very small number of people.But the fruit is very nutritious and palatable.Moreover, it has a very low allergenicity.

Avocados - is a tropical fruit tree.Unripe avocados have firm flesh that tastes like unripe pear, pumpkin or melon with a slight bitterness.Fruit itself may be of various shapes and sizes.The most common variety is shaped like a pear.Weight avocado may be from 50 to 900 grams.The national cuisines avocados can be used very diverse, such as pate, smeared on bread fruit pulp.Avocado can be cooked soups with vegetables, prepared desserts or salads.We will understand what an avocado - and the use of his exotic fruit.

Use avocado avocados

the Japanese used as a supplement or a seasoning for sushi in Taiwan from its pulp prepared drinkable smoothie.Avocado in its composition is close to the biological utility of nuts in the world.It low sugar content, which means tha

t the avocado is a real boon for diabetics and other people "struggling" with sucrose.This fruit is very rich in vitamins and minerals: a total of 50 grams of tropical fruit enrich the human body 17% of vitamin B6, 15% of vitamin K, and 12% of the daily requirement of potassium.Especially useful is a high concentration of potassium to prevention of kidney stones and sand.

Useful properties of avocado are in the content of biotin - vitamin indispensable for regeneration and the natural process of cleansing the skin, hair growth.The avocados contain lutein, vitamin E, and beta-sitosterol, which, together with biotin care about the skin, improve vision, clean morning sickness, which can be pregnant women, eliminates bad breath.Because of lutein reduces the risk of prostate cancer and blindness in the elderly, and beta-sitosterol reduces levels of "bad" cholesterol circulating in the blood.The tropical fruit of high content of vitamin E is useful for reproductive health.It is necessary as a means of preventing cramps in the legs and miscarriages in pregnant women.Moreover, vitamin E stimulates the processes of oxygen supply of all organs and strengthen the capacity of the lungs.Vitamin E, along with vitamin C, an antioxidant that enhances the stability of the cells of the body to harmful environmental effects.

in avocados contain copious amounts of Vitamin F, which is a whole complex of unsaturated fatty acids: arachidonic, linoleic and linolenic.Vitamin F Through our skin and hair look healthy, it has an impact on the activity of the endocrine glands, supports optimal health.

Avocado up to 30% is made up of fat, but that's no reason to worry, because avocado oil contains unsaturated fatty acids that help regulate cholesterol in the body, reducing the feeling of hunger due to the fact that slows down the process of digestion.The avocado is completely absent cholesterol.Thus, the avocado is a valuable dietary product.

in avocados also contain calcium, magnesium and iron, minerals that are ideal for people with circulation problems and disorders of the blood.Avocado is useful to consume during menstruation, because it contributes to the rapid replenishment of iron loss.By

properties avocados are the normalization of metabolism, because it contains vitamin A. It also contains a number of other vitamins: B2, B3, C, E, essential for the human body.

fruits of tropical fruit is very useful for those who are familiar with nervous disorders, because the avocado contains vitamin B1, which is a "building block" for the central nervous system, relieves irritation, mental disorders, helps get rid of stress and insomnia.

into useful avocados does not contain lactose, but, nevertheless, it is characterized by a creamy texture and pleasant aroma.Therefore, people who can not tolerate lactose can enjoy a creamy alternative to adding the pulp of the fruit in your favorite dishes.

Turning avocado diet

Avocado consume only raw.During the heat treatment it gets dark and the flavor becomes bitter.

to remove the bone avocado, without damaging the flesh:

  • cut the fruit lengthwise;
  • one half turn around its axis, "unscrewing" it;
  • remove the top half;
  • opened easily remove bone.