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The beneficial properties of garlic

Garlic - vegetables, native to South Asia.With sharp and bitter taste and characteristic odor, however, it is very popular among many people.Cultivation of this plant began in ancient times, but in the wild it grows everywhere.There are about two dozen species of garlic, which can have both acute and sweet taste.One onion garlic contains up to 20 slices.Cloves, pre-peeled, eaten as a fresh and in dried.But the most important mission of garlic - use it as a seasoning.

benefits of garlic is due to the factor that it includes hundreds of useful active substances that affect the prevention of heart disease and cancer.Studies show that garlic reduces the synthesis of triglycerides, which is the main source of fat is in our blood.It is worth noting that garlic is actively fighting the appearance of cancer cells.The components of this unique medicinal plants are able to inhibit the synthesis of nitrosamines - a well-known carcinogens.

Garlic also improves bowel, reduces the amount of cholesterol in
the blood, prevent atherosclerosis and is very useful in the treatment and prevention of colds.In folk medicine, garlic is used to treat warts and improve hair growth.

Garlic benefits and harms

vitamins, macro- and microelements, containing garlic, ensure its widespread use in medicine.The beneficial properties of garlic miraculously recreational influence on human body.Potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine, phosphorus and many other useful elements that make up this product, make it strong immunostimulatory and antibacterial, strengthens the immune system as a whole.It is proved that garlic is one of the leading food products which successfully cope with intestinal parasites.For example, to deal with tapeworms do an enema with extractor of this plant.
In some cases, the garlic brings harm.It irritates the stomach lining and can cause heartburn.When gastritis and gastric ulcer eat garlic is absolutely contraindicated.It should also be remembered that its use with aspirin and a number of other medications that promote blood thinners, can not.

What is the use of garlic in cooking

In cooking, it is used both fresh and canned.This spice for salads, marinades, pickles, spice and for first and second dishes, beef.Particularly large amounts of garlic is traditionally included in the national dishes of the Asian and Korean cuisine.When frying and cooking of poultry meat, cooking and home aspic sausages fit and dried garlic.
Of course, all of the above properties of garlic are just a small part of his extremely strong potential.Modern science will soon complement the knowledge about the healing capabilities of the plant.One can only speculate about the impact of all ingredients on the human body, but it is better to wait for the exact facts, proven by our scientists.

Interesting facts about garlic

  • This vegetable crop is a natural antibiotic and fine thins the blood.No wonder many moms taking care of their chadah hang on the neck of an unusual "pendant" in the form of a box with holes where the garlic is placed.This kind of aromatherapy has immunostimulatory effects;
  • interesting fact is that garlic - is an aphrodisiac;
  • Garlic is very good for the brain and nervous system in general, due to its properties to restore and revive the activity of the brain.Moreover, it shall suspend the destruction of nerve cells, which is important in the elderly;
  • undoubtedly benefit of garlic is its beneficial effects on the heart.Acting like a beta-blocker, he shoots tachycardia, reduces the intensity of heart attacks and increases the permeability of blood vessels;
  • To hide the pungent smell after eating food garlic and freshen breath, enough to chew cardamom seeds, a sprig of parsley or cinnamon.