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Useful properties of different lettuce leaves

salad - is an annual green vegetables, is considered one of the most ancient plants of the Mediterranean.The history of the culture of caring in the distant past, and currently employs a few dozen types of lettuce.The most famous of them - oaklif, corn, watercress, lakut iceberg and leaf, romaine, arugula and endive.These plants are especially popular in the spring, when a person needs vitamins and minerals to a greater extent.
In Russia, industrial cultivation of lettuce began in the second half of the last century.Lettuce is generally used for preparing various dishes, while mixing them with other vegetables.They also go as a separate dish.

Useful properties of lettuce

According to the content of vitamins and minerals beneficial properties of lettuce and a beneficial effect on the body has long been appreciated.A huge percentage of the B vitamins (here you can make thiamine, riboflavin and pyridoxine) plays a significant role in tissue respiration and the person responsible for mental and emotio
nal health.For therapeutic purposes, lettuce is recommended to use in diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.Use lettuce seen as bronchitis, whooping cough, stomach ulcer, gastritis and swelling of extremities.Any type of lettuce is good and useful, especially with a dietary standpoint.There is no easier and less high-calorie food, which provides a full human body a huge amount of folic acid and other vitamins.How useful lettuce in terms of specialists?The scientists noticed that the salad improves metabolism and normalizes the digestive system.It also stimulates the excretion of cholesterol from the blood and is a good means of preventing multiple sclerosis and atherosclerosis.A huge amount of potassium significantly improves heart function, and folic acid and chlorophyll additional form red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Types lettuce

As mentioned above, the kinds of lettuce myriad.Here are descriptions of some of them.Iceberg lettuce by its shape resembles a head of cabbage, soft and neutral taste.Romano - head has a cylindrical shape, its leaves are crispy and endowed nutty flavor.Radicchio - small head with purple leaves with a rather bitter taste.Spinach, endive salad and the usual sign each sheet.If you wish, now you can find and buy any kind of lettuce.
most popular and affordable salad now - Petsay, popularly known as Chinese cabbage.The taste of this salad gentle and pleasant.From it you can prepare salads, stuffed cabbage, add to soups and borscht, include in sandwiches.

Lettuce for skin care

Useful properties of lettuce can be used for skin care.People with dry skin can make nourishing mask from the leaves, which significantly cleans and refreshes the complexion.To make a mask, you need to wash the lettuce, finely chop and add water so that it only covered them, then cook on low heat for five minutes.The resulting mixture ostuzhennoy able to put on the face.Enough 10 minutes.Then the mask is washed off with lukewarm water.For oily skin useful in this mixture add a teaspoon of honey and egg white.If the skin is normal, for better exposure add a spoonful of olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice.For skin rejuvenation weight it is advisable to mix the salad with a couple tablespoons of sour milk.With oily skin and acne can add heavy cream, and after the procedure lubricate the skin with ice cubes.
Use lettuce and due to high iron content.This is his second only spinach.Possession lettuce sedative analgesic properties make the final of the unbelieving skeptic add to your diet this wonderful product.

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