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Useful properties Spinach

After a long winter, spring, at a time when any body lacks nutrients and vitamins that can help out spinach.This storehouse of nutrients and vitamins ripens very early and is therefore an alternative to other vegetables and fruit, ripening later.What is the spinach?
Spinach - is an annual plant, which belongs to the family Chenopodiaceae.Ancient Persia is home to spinach.This vegetable is known for little more than our two hundred years.His appearance in Europe spinach is obliged to Crusaders, who in the Middle Ages brought him out of the trips.Neither the ancient Romans or Greeks, this plant was not familiar.The true properties of spinach first to appreciate the Spanish friars to grow it on the monastery garden beds.In the XVI-XVII centuries.this plant becomes a real delicacy.In those days were the most popular spinach juice and spinach bread.Bread baked from flour which is obtained from plant seeds, and the juice was widely used for decorative purposes in the culinary arts.For example, spinach stai
ned butter, various creams, cream and sauces green.Acting as a natural dye, spinach juice is also beneficial vitamin supplements.

Useful than spinach?

varieties of this plant there is quite a lot, and useful properties of spinach prevail in each of them.Raw spinach of any kind contains a large number of trace elements, vitamins and mineral salts.The beneficial properties of this vegetable is included vitamin C. It also contains green spinach and a variety of vitamins B2, B1, PP, P, E, D, and K. In addition, spinach is rich in organic acids, and contains a large amount of carotene and proteins.More than green spinach, only peas and beans have vegetable protein.
This vegetable in the number it contains folic acid is second only to only parsley.220 spinach on caloric equivalent to one chicken egg.The high content of vitamin E (tocopherol) in the green spinach (2.5 to 100 g) allows the body to counteract premature aging and prevent abnormal development of the fetus and the miscarriage.Especially rich in spinach calcium that strengthens bones and teeth, chlorophyll and iron can improve the blood.A useful element of iron, which is found in significant quantities in green spinach - it's a great prophylactic against anemia.In spinach contains a lot of iodine.According to the content of iodine, he takes the first place among the other plants.

spinach in cooking

First of all, the spinach is valuable because the properties of all its components during heat treatment is not lost.Spinach protects vision and slows the aging process, as well strengthens blood vessels.Dish of spinach improves the stimulation of digestion, the pancreas and are an excellent preventive measure for hypertension.But puree of spinach will be useful in the diet of children of different ages.
antirachitic High levels of vitamin D makes it possible in many countries include the spinach in a children's menu.It is also recommended spinach and those children who have been underdevelopment.The use of this vegetable has a positive effect on people who have suffered serious illness and exhaustion.Spinach is recommended to use in tuberculosis and problems with the gums and teeth.
worth noting that spinach has useful properties and for those who recommended diet food: sick anemia, obesity, diabetes and so on.Dish of spinach appreciated by people who are suffering from fatigue, insomnia and other disorders of the nervous system.

Useful properties of frozen spinach

very common for cooking various dishes using frozen spinach, useful properties which are indistinguishable from spinach, torn fresh from the beds.For cooking frozen spinach can be used all year round as it is in the frozen state can be stored for up to three months.Trace elements and vitamins contained in spinach, fairly resistant to freezing and heat treatment, so it is often subjected to freezing.Typically, in this form we spinach purchase in stores.
fresh spinach are commonly used in vegetable salads.The stewed use it with garlic, spices and onions.

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