Antifungals for nails

Currently, topical treatment of nails pharmaceutical industry produces many different antifungal agents, which number far exceeds the amount of system resources.Due to this diversity and abundance of doctors it is possible to make the best choice based on individual characteristics of the disease.

Types of topical antifungal drugs

All local antifungal drugs are divided into three types: local antimycotics, multicomponent preparations and topical antiseptics.

Local antimycotics - are drugs used to treat fungal nail disease.These funds are the most effective in mycosis.The most optimal drugs are nail polishes.There are a number of other antifungal agents belonging to the local antimycotics, but in most cases they are used in the treatment of fungal skin diseases.

antifungal nail polish over the nail plate is able to "deliver" antifungals directly to the nail bed, and this is a very significant advantage over other drugs that do not have such opportunities.Their use should either remove the nail, or t

hin the.Lacquer coating after the application and drying prevents evaporation of the drug.Concentrate curing agent is retained in the nail for six - seven days.

Among the currently available antifungal lacquer, are the most effective and Batrafen Loceryl.

Before applying the antifungal nail should be the maximum to get rid of the affected part of the nail fungus, and the surface remaining - using nail files roughened.Then the nail plate varnished.This procedure should be carried out each time before applying the antifungal lacquer.

treatment of fungal infections in the nail plate hand can last six months, the feet - about a year.The duration of therapy of fungal diseases depends on the individual.

multicomponent preparations are therapeutic agents, which include drugs against fungus and active components to provide additional therapeutic effect.

In most multicomponent preparations containing corticosteroid hormones.These funds are usually used for inflammation accompanying fungal diseases.Drugs with anti-bacterial agents may be used when re-emergence of infection.

Fatherland mycologists are not only multi-tools, which produce a variety of companies, but also the extemporaneous preparation of drugs.The composition of most of them are antiseptic substance, sometimes - dimexide.This component helps transport active substances in the nail bed through the nail plate.Before using the multi-component products, taking into account the characteristics of the disease, sometimes requires removal of the nail plate.In some cases it is treated in the same manner as in the treatment of antifungal lacquer.Treating fungal disease lasts as long as a healthy nail grows back completely.In comparison with local antimiotikami multicomponent drugs less effective.

local antiseptics are not intended only for the treatment of fungal diseases.When antifungal therapy using topical antiseptics such as hinozol, tincture of iodine, organic acids.These tools are used for the treatment of onychomycosis in the case when there is no more effective means.The main advantage of local antiseptics - is their availability and price.


effective therapy for the most rapid recovery of the patient must adhere to the system of treatment recommended by a doctor.The course of treatment is continued until all of regrowth of healthy nail.Antifungal medications are applied to the affected nail in full compliance with the recommendations of the expert.

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