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Useful properties of citrus fruits

Citrus fruits - one of the most accessible and useful fruit.During the whole year is a source of biologically active substances.The Citrus contains vitamins such as B1, B2, A, D, K and P, as well as calcium, potassium, iron, and many others.What is surprising is that in the spring of vitamin C is stored in full only in mandarin, orange, grapefruit and lemon.It plays a huge role in human life, promoting the absorption of glucose in the body and accelerate the burning of fat.
In order to give the body to feel the full benefits of citrus fruits need to know how to choose them.If they are too glossy and attractive to look at, then most likely, these fruits are processed chemically and loss of freshness, so it's best to give up their consumption.On caloric all citrus fruits have a hundred grams of the product to forty grams of calories.

benefits of citrus fruits is enormous.For example, citrus juice kills harmful bacteria and prevent them from spreading.Sami fruit plants purify the air indoors, improv
e performance, particularly useful for those who have long been working on the computer.You also need to allocate
useful properties of citrus fruits of oils contained in them.You can add a few drops while taking a bath or a massage.Citrus oils have sedative properties, stimulate the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as help the body withstand adverse environmental factors.But the most important task is to prevent beriberi citrus.

How useful citrus fruits?

has high quality fresh grapefruit juice.He has the ability to strengthen blood vessels.Also, frequent and regular use of grapefruit juice in the food supports the body during disease and prevent its occurrence.Orange juice is also not far behind by his predecessor.Due to its taste, he became popular refreshing drink that has antimicrobial properties.
Useful properties of citrus expressed content of fruit acids.Fruit containing acid, is the most suitable products at detoxification.However, doctors do not recommend taking citrus fruits during the flu, it can lead to the fact that the patient gets worse.Some people do not take these acids.For example, an upset stomach, after drinking some juice of citrus fruits, the situation could get worse.

Eating citrus at different ailments

properties of citrus fruit of different species differ in their therapeutic indices.Citrus juices of different types can be used for general prophylaxis and treatment of certain diseases of the body.For example, tangerine juice in combination with honey is excellent cure nervous strain.The mandarin pulp contains 85% water, all the rest - it's sugar, minerals, vitamins.Especially a lot of them in that white mantle, which we all cleared.Massage using tangerine juice softens the skin and makes it supple and improves returns healthy complexion.Caloric all citrus incorporates them into products belonging to the diet.Therefore, those who follow the figure, it is better to consume them in food.

benefits of citrus in the care of the face and hair

in cosmetology citrus fruits are also an undeniable value.Hair loss in the scalp must be prepared to rub a mixture of orange juice and crushed ice in a blender onions.The mask is on the hair for about two hours and then washed with shampoo.When sagging, aging skin, experts recommend to mix the fruits of mountain ash, a teaspoon of lemon peel and orange and herb St. John's wort.The resulting mixture is brewed and brewed about 12 hours.Further, the composition is strain and medicinal infusion daily wash.From acne helps the following recipe: mix a tablespoon of juice of red beets, carrots, oranges and tomatoes.The resulting solution is necessary to wipe the skin for 60 days.

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