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Useful properties of ginger root

Ginger is a plant of the ginger family, is widespread throughout the world.Homeland ginger - Southeast Asia.As one of the most popular spices, ginger root is used for medicinal purposes.In the food usually consumed dried roots of this perennial.There are only two types of ginger white ginger and black ginger.Nowadays ginger is grown in India, Japan, China, Brazil, Argentina and the countries of East Asia.

Useful substances

Ginger root contains a lot of useful vitamins, minerals and nutrients.Among them are the aluminum, calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.Particularly pungent and burning taste it betrays gingerol, and availability of all essential amino acids such as threonine, methionine and fenilalin says that ginger is indispensable for the organism useful medicinal plant.

Useful properties of ginger root

Useful properties of ginger root are widely used in medicine.Drugs, prepared on the basis of ginger, improve blood circulation and stimulates the digestive system, n

ormalize the activity of the thyroid gland.Infusion of ginger root powder doctors recommend to use to increase appetite.When back pain and chronic rheumatism recommend doing compresses of this amazingly useful herb.

healing properties of ginger root is useful best conveys through various tinctures and decoctions.On the basis of this statement, we can conclude that tea made from ginger root has all the properties of this plant.Improve liver function, increased potency and enhance memory - this is not all the useful properties possessed by Ginger.Regular tea drinking with the plant displays intestinal gas and supply the blood with oxygen, and in the cold season - will remove the inflamed throat.

For people who take antibiotics for a long time, the properties of ginger root will be interesting as the remarkable "cleaner" blood.Tincture of this plant has significant antioxidant properties that slow down the aging process and relieve signs of fatigue.Nutritionists around the world put the product in the first place as a drug, which is struggling with overweight.

However, the properties of ginger root and have contraindications.Unsubscribe from this product should be people who suffer from inflammatory diseases of the skin, high body temperature or the presence of gastric ulcer.

What is useful ginger root yet?It has analgesic, carminative, healing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-bacterial action.These properties are used in folk medicine.For a long time it was known that the plant has laxative properties, and if after a meal to chew ginger root, then for a long time, your breathing becomes fresh.

Application of ginger root in dishes

But not only useful medical properties of ginger.The use of ginger root, which has a wonderful aroma and taste unusual, made him one of the most valuable products in the kitchen.When cooking soups, broths of birds, homemade sausage, he is simply irreplaceable.Ginger also improves the taste of roast beef, lamb and chicken.It is used and in the preparation of gingerbread, biscuits, cakes and other confectionery baking.In the manufacture of liquors, punches and ginger beer in some countries it is an industrial scale.

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