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Useful properties of dairy products

Many would agree that from birth a person uses first mother's milk, dairy products later, and later fruits, cereals and meat products.Therefore, to some no doubt in the matter than dairy products are useful, it is necessary to make a small review of the properties of milk and dairy food.Re-acquainted with milk as one of the most useful for human food.

Useful properties of milk

milk as a product created by nature itself, for man is one of the most necessary and useful.The composition of milk is not only to the percentage of protein and fat, it contains the most important for the child and the adult organism amino acids, trace elements.Milk protein is absorbed by the body more easily than protein found in meat.The amino acids lysine and methionine and helps in the development of human growth.Calcium salts promote normal bone formation, are involved in the metabolism of the heart.
with milk man eats many dairy products, which have a special individual properties often unknown to many people.

Useful properties of milk and sour milk products

Recently, a lot of enemies and milk-based products.It has been suggested that dairy products are useful only in childhood and adolescence, when the body metabolizes lactose free.But these claims are not scientifically justified.Centuries of experience also says the opposite.
It dairy products, useful properties which were known from the time when man first domesticated animals giving milk helped countless times to be healed from many diseases, feed themselves and survive in the years of crop failure.
Many sour-milk products have a diuretic effect.This is very good for swelling and excess weight.Regular consumption of dairy products with low fat will help prevent obesity.Fermented baked milk, mare's milk and yogurt have a harmless natural antibiotics that promote normal digestion and normalize the microflora of the digestive tract.

dairy products for health and beauty

modern environmental situation in many cities are so unfavorable that a person needs to take regular medication, cleansing the body of toxins, harmful emissions from industry.
Therefore, the introduction of a daily diet of yogurt and yogurt will help the body to withdraw the accumulated toxins and even radionuclides.These dairy products will bring significant benefits for people suffering from goiter, diabetes, having overweight.When the disease of the heart, blood vessels, the urinary tract, yogurt and yogurt will have a weighty preventive effect.Recent research scientists have confirmed the need for the use of milk in old age.In addition to providing the body with calcium, strengthens bones, milk is a source of fat needed for normal brain function of elderly man.Many doctors recommend to use the milk for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease.If older people excluded from your diet milk and dairy products, they may face a shortage in the body of some enzymes and amino acids.
Since ancient times, milk was considered an excellent cosmetic.Information on dairy queens baths of antiquity, has reached our days.And many modern beauties use milk, cottage cheese and cream as cosmetics.
What must be observed in the daily diet?Many doctors recommend to use at least 0.5 liters of milk, cheese 100-150 grams, 300-400 grams of yogurt.This will help maintain the normal flora in the gut, stabilizes weight will provide the human body many, necessary for normal operation, trace elements, amino acids, minerals.It is hard to imagine a man with no dairy products in the diet, they are very useful, and sometimes necessary for many of today's inhabitants of towns and villages.

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