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What foods improve memory ?

Memory impairment is a disease, which has its own symptoms and their treatment methods.The main reason for problems in human memory is generally aging, provoking "benign senile dependence."Currently, however, there are cases where young people often complain of memory loss.

There may be several reasons why the deteriorated memory.First of all, it can be traumatic brain injury, such as bruising or bleeding, inevitably leading to the problem of remembering.Also, the reason can be a long depression.Among other reasons, it may be noted poor diet, which leads to an imbalance of intake of nutrients, resulting in deteriorating memory processes.

products that improve memory

direct impact on the level of memory and mental faculties is the quality of our food.For example, the presence of many fruits and vegetables is able to positively affect the mental capacity, the use of the same junk food, on the contrary, a negative effect on memory functions.Power to improve memory should be balanced.

Recently, American scientists have proved that to improve the functioning of the brain are particularly useful products that contain the substance luteolin.This substance is able to smooth out the age-related changes, to reduce the harmful effects of drugs and the environment.

Most of the substances contained in celery, rosemary, olive oil, pepper, carrots, as well as chamomile and mint tea.

should also remember the fish, preferably fatty containing iodine and omega-3, which contributes to improving the functioning of the brain and the saturation of the whole organism with useful substances.Should not be forgotten about and blueberries, which is a faithful companion in the struggle for the improvement of memory and eyesight.It is worth recalling that this berry is actively used in the treatment of temporary amnesia.All of these foods improve memory.

Those who decided to seriously think about their health and improve memory, you need to pay attention to the foods that contain large amounts of vitamin C. Therefore, the more you eat sour apples, citrus fruits, potatoes, and, most importantly, black currant, the more time your head is clear.Now that you know what foods improve memory, and you can easily organize a balanced diet.

Recipes for improving memory

daily need to eat a salad of grated carrots with chopped walnuts or raisins, seasoned sour cream.If a salad to eat regularly, it will contribute to improving the circulation of cerebral vessels and updating its cells.It is also recommended each day to eat 100 grams of seaweed, and about 300 grams of grapes.

order for you not to distract extraneous noise, and you could easily focus on what you do, there is a very simple piece of advice: 2 times a week you need to eat boiled cabbage with butter.This increases the elasticity of blood vessels of the brain and improves memory.

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