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Useful properties of chicken and quail eggs

Most people do not represent their daily diet without eggs.After all, in addition to unmatched taste, the food mass roundups of nutrients necessary for normal functioning of the body.

Useful properties of eggs have been seen by mankind more than 10 thousand years ago - that's when the birds were domesticated pheasant family.Current research suggests that eating an egg a person nourishes your body with amino acids, minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, calcium), and vitamins.An egg also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which play a huge role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, and carotene and selenium - significantly improve the skin and prevent cancer.

Useful properties eggs

Chicken egg is considered one of the most valuable food products worldwide.Fresh egg is composed of the mass of substances useful to man, and, in addition to its nutritional value, adds flavor to other dishes in which it is affiliated.Eating raw eggs can help prevent sclerotic processes in the eyeballs and

improve blood circulation.The presence of trace elements, calcium and potassium provide the body with vitamins daily charge.The presence of sodium, potassium, iron, zinc, calcium and magic in its composition useful properties characterize chicken eggs.In addition, in a chicken egg contains a small amount of fat.This is the answer to ill-wishers that indicate the content of cholesterol in eggs.After 5 grams of fat in one edinitse- is much less than in some dairy and meat products.As part of the eggs is evidin protein that activates biotin.The debate about the usefulness of eggs do not cease for many decades.One thing is certain - the use of human three - four eggs a week is perfectly safe.

Quail eggs useful properties

Quail eggs are unique in their nutritional value.Useful properties of these small eggs indicate that a daily consumption of this valuable product improves memory, normalizes the central nervous system, improves the immune system and makes it possible to carry out prevention of cancer.Especially useful quail eggs for children and pregnant women.High amounts of calcium and phosphorus stimulates mental development of children and improve the condition of hair, teeth moms.Unlike quail eggs which are birds of the order Galliformes, from other species of this product it is that they do not contain cholesterol.The presence of nicotinic acid and lecithin significantly improve blood circulation, are involved in the metabolic processes of the body and improve the overall state of the cardiovascular system.All these useful properties of quail eggs are put on a special place in human food.

Useful properties of raw eggs

Useful properties of raw eggs appreciated by diabetics.After all the eggs in fresh nutrients, vitamins and minerals are particularly pronounced.Raw eggs should be placed in a special environment and maintain temperature control of + 5C.One egg a day gives the human body 12% of the daily value of protein, almost all amino acids, and a number of vitamins and minerals.Contained in the egg nutrients allow the prevention of cataracts, strengthens bones and joints, improve the immune system.It is necessary to say a few words about the shell of chicken eggs.Copper, fluoride, iron, phosphorus, silicon and even more than 28 mineral elements and trace elements indicate that the egg becomes dangerous competitor for expensive vitamins sold in our pharmacies.Naturally, before the use of the shell egg should be thoroughly washed in warm water.

The eggs are useful in various diseases and who are contraindicated

The eggs are still useful?Egg protein is used to treat inflammatory processes.It contains protein antitriptaza, which does not cause irritation of the gastric mucosa.Lecithin and Lutherans are an effective building material for muscle man.Properties eggs have long been used in folk medicine.In particular, the egg will be indispensable for burns, cough, if you have oily skin.

addition to the beneficial properties of eggs, there are contraindications to the use.Saturated fats, which includes in its membership a hen's egg, with daily use contributes to raising blood cholesterol.This leads to the development of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.The children can be allergic reactions and rashes on the body, so parents in such situations should be limited or totally excluded from the product menu.

The above properties of eggs say only one thing - a young body, which is subjected to physical and mental stress and lead an active life without the power of this product is very difficult to do.

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