Women's disease

After removal of the ovaries

Oophorectomy, or removal of the ovaries - a surgical procedure in which one or two are cut out of the ovary.The ovaries in the female body plays a huge role, as produce hormones progestin and estrogen that makes a woman a woman.There are many diseases that lead to ovariectomy, but doctors try to keep the patient one ovary.However, the cancer must be removed both ovaries, because they produce hormones enhance the development of malignant tumors, which can lead to irreparable consequences.

After removal of the ovaries in women symptoms of menopause, hot flashes and loss of libido.Spaying can emotionally hurt woman, so she needs a psychologist.

After surgery patients prescribed hormone replacement therapy to relieve symptoms of menopause occurs when the body stops producing estrogen.Removal of the ovaries increases the risk of bone disease and heart disease, so women who have had this operation, it is necessary to prevent these diseases, leading an active lifestyle, taking calcium and keeping low-fat die


recovery process depends on the type of surgery and usually lasts from two to six weeks.Patients suffering from cancer, after removal of the ovaries is assigned radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

rehabilitation period

operation to remove the ovaries lasts from one to four hours, and then to relax the patient is placed in a chamber.In the hospital under medical supervision, it is three - five days, and if the operation is carried out by laparoscopic technique, then one day.

After being discharged from the hospital the patient must comply with all recommendations of the physician, especially hygiene, maintain a gentle way of life, diet and so on

post-castration syndrome

Female body, unlike men, gormonozavisim.Therefore, after the removal of the ovaries in a woman's body is changing, and her condition worsens.There are many diseases and progress, overall health is getting worse, the skin loses its elasticity.This period is called the post-castration syndrome medics.In general, it is very similar to premature aging.

changes in the body after removal of the ovaries in women

elderly spaying does not cause any serious health problems.But it happens that this operation is necessary to the young patients.This leads to the appearance of their body changes that occur in women 50 - 55 years of age.In other words, young women menopause occurs.

appearance of its symptoms is observed within two - three weeks after surgery, and two - three months they reach the maximum development.Young Women heartbeat quickens, there are severe headaches, hot flashes, sweating, "jumps" blood pressure.

In addition, there is a violation of the nervous system: the dream is broken, there is a weakness, irritability, and depression.Sometimes these symptoms are reduced, but there are new changes in health.There may be a violation of cerebral circulation, which causes problems with the vessels of the legs, to develop atherosclerosis, causes a disturbance of the heart.Loss of hormones can cause pain during intercourse, itching and dryness in the genital organs, disorders of the genitourinary system.May suffer hair, nails and skin.So the woman after surgery to remove the ovaries for any changes in the body should immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe the right treatment.If there are no contraindications, the doctor prescribes hormones and other drugs, depending on the changes in a woman's body.

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