Women's disease

Treatment of breast cysts folk remedies

with brush breast faced by many women of different ages.It is formed due to the hormonal failure in the body, in the case of surgical interventions on the breast, while taking hormones.Under understood cyst cavity with the walls of connective tissue in which the formation of serous fluid present in minor amounts.For the treatment of breast cysts can be used various methods, including the possible treatment of breast cysts folk remedies.

Traditional methods of treating breast cysts

Do not forget that in the treatment of breast cysts using traditional methods requires prior consultation with the doctor.To cure the disease, it is recommended the use of medicinal plants found everywhere.It may be an ordinary mug, and St. John's wort.The collection of such herbs should not cause problems because of their fairly difficult to confuse with other plants.
To prepare you need 1 tbspdried Hypericum pour 1 tbsp.boiling water, close the lid and the cup to brew for some time.After cooling, the infusion should be
dipped in a cotton swabs, which are then applied to the place where the cyst is localized.
Among the popular treatments for breast cysts popular use of burdock root, you need to finely chop and grate.Pour 10 grams of the root with boiling water, let stand for 2-3 hours.After the infusion has cooled, it should be drained using the gauze and take the preparation of a medicament for the 30 minutes before a meal and 1 tablespoon2 times per day.
There are little-known, but effective medicinal plants, for example, including gentian macrophylla, sweet clover.These plants are easy to buy in the pharmacy than to collect yourself.For the preparation of a medicament need 1 tbspgentian root pour 1 tbsp.warm water and boil.Then cool the broth, strain through cheesecloth.Moisten a cotton swab in it, squeeze a little bit and put them on the hands.
Among the popular treatments for breast cysts also used superimposition compresses and rubbing ointment.To prepare a compress should take 200 grams of beets, grated on a grater, heat the slurry in a water bath, add a mixture of 2 tablespoons9% vinegar and mix well.Hot makeup put on the sore spot.Such compresses should be done for the night 10 times.He removed the morning, after which the chest is wrapped a woolen scarf.For compresses can be used fresh carrots you want to grate and attach to the tumor.The bandage should be change several times a day.To prepare the ointment, it is necessary to take the juice of celandine and ghee in equal quantities.Pre-need to melt the butter, a little cool and pour into a jar, add the juice of which celandine.The whole is mixed well until homogenous.Ointment should be rubbed a sore spot, leave for 4 hours and rinse.
Another effective national treatment for the disease is to take 1 teaspoon before mealsoil with garlic, which at half a cup of vegetable oil you need to take 50 grams of garlic, put in a cool place.The course of treatment by this method is 1 month.
for the treatment of pain in the chest in the presence of cysts of the breast used cabbage, which is taken fresh cabbage leaf, smeared with oil and applied to the chest, superimposed on top of the fabric, wear a bra.With the compress have to go to sleep and in the morning, as a rule, the pain is not felt.
To prepare the next drug will need 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon white flour, 1 tablespoonhoney.All mixed thoroughly until a thick slurry from which the cake is done, after which it must be applied on the chest before going to bed.The tool must be used within a few days.
also has a good effect common toadflax, which you need grass grind into powder, mixed with fresh butter and rub into the affected area.