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Recommendations as to lower the pressure at home

Blood is one of the important components of the human body.She plays the role of "conductor", delivering oxygen and nutrients to the internal organs, each cell, brain, skin.Under hydrodynamic pressure is the blood pressure of the blood in the capillaries, arteries and veins.Working heart blood injected into the human bloodstream.The pressure is not always lies within the normal range, it can be reduced or increased.Consider the recommendations on how to reduce the pressure in the home.

lowering of blood pressure at home

  • to quickly lower the blood pressure is necessary to have an impact on acupuncture points.To do this, find a point below the ear lobe, followed by drawing a line that will go down from this point to the middle of the clavicle.To normalize the partial pressure or lowering it, do not press and to put pressure on this line, you need to spend on it from top to bottom with your fingertips.Movement should be easy, as if you touch fingertips.Stroking should be repeated 10 times on one sid
    e of the head, then you need to go to the other side.
  • lowering of blood pressure at home is possible by influencing the point located on the face at the edge of the ear lobe about polusantimetre forward of the ear.It is necessary to massage that point for 1 minute, it being pressed down strongly, but at the same time should not be caused by the occurrence of pain.
  • To reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, you can use the properties of green tea, which is based on its ability to prevent atherosclerosis.If the vessels are good, the permeability of blood is good, there will be no formation of cholesterol, therefore, the pressure is in the normal range.Hence the correct blood flow to the muscles and tissues.Also green tea helps to decrease the pressure Hibiscus tea.
  • In addition, you can use the gifts of nature for lowering blood pressure.For example, you can use the herbs of the region in which you reside.These grasses, for example, include flax seed, motherwort, valerian.The pharmacy you can buy the collection, consisting of several kinds of herbs and berries, normalizes blood pressure.Among berries stimulates the heart muscle that support the heart and lowers blood pressure, rosehips and hawthorn stand.Therefore, these berries contain almost all the herbal heart.
  • To normalize blood pressure should think about your diet and change it by clicking on fried and fatty foods to fruits and vegetable dishes.Meat is recommended to use boiled or steamed form.For example, to reduce the pressure during the day should eat 3-4 apples for 10-15 days.In addition, it is recommended in the morning of 10 pieces of red viburnum berries to eat.The salt in the body held an excessive amount of liquid, it is recommended to abandon its use.
  • Increased motor activity also helps to normalize blood pressure.You can simply increase the activity of several throughout the day, add a little exercise, outdoor activities.The complex is far more important than taking drugs.Using it eliminates the extra weight, the heart begins to "train".Keep in mind that for people who suffer from hypertension, is contraindicated accomplishments sudden physical exertion, because the strong pressure overload may start to ride and can even cause angina.
  • Besides all of the above, lowering high blood pressure contributes to the removal of the nerve overload at work and at home.There must be sufficient positive emotional background.

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