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Keeled chest causes and treatment

Under keeled chest refers to the protrusion of the sternum, ribs and rib cartilage in the form of a wedge forward.It is believed that this deformity can be corrected independently using different exercises, but the experience of experts shows that generally from respiratory therapy and physical education fixing patches should expect a small efficiency.For the most effective method of treatment adopted by the operation.Consider the causes and treatment keeled chest.

reasons keeled chest keeled

Mostly chest deformity occurs at an early age.Strengthening the process is observed in the period of intensive growth of the organism, which accounts for approximately 13-14 years.For 20 years in the chest fully formed, including deformation.

cause of keeled chest is the presence of genetic factors that have a connection with the violation of the costal cartilage growth, thus it can not fit in the chest and protruding breastbone.In most cases, this pathology related to an inherited defect that is congenital, bu

t it is not immediately apparent, its development and progression takes place over several years.Keeled chest is an extremely aesthetic deformation, and therefore it practically does not have any effect on health.But in the future due to the reflection of the problems of the connective tissue, resulting from the growth of cartilage, can cause problems with the heart.But soon this phenomenon is not a result of deformation, and refers to the accompanying development.In addition, deformation of the chest may affect the state of the spine.Quite often these patients seen circular shape back.So keeled breast shape is largely a cosmetic defect.Recognition of a person with this problem is quite serious, because the keel under the clothes almost contoured, except in some cases extreme degree.

Treatment keeled chest

Provided timely diagnosis keeled chest, you can avoid the need for surgery.Over time, doctors began to be celebrated that pressure on the keel during adolescence contributes to the fact that began to form the normal position of the chest.Therefore, conservative treatment keeled chest may lie in the use of orthoses (devices resembling a corset) and use dynamic compression system, which is a more modern method of treatment.Its advantage is that the system enables the implementation of highly dosed pressure, thus avoiding the development of unpleasant consequences, such as damage to the skin in this area.Since childhood bone is quite soft and the chest is not yet fully developed, there is a possibility of growth in the direction of its right, in the right direction.There are a number

keeled chest deformities, correction is possible only by surgery, for example, transverse fin, the occurrence of which it is the result of early ossification of the sternum.If chest deformation stage running, the envisaged holding only surgery that can be done in several ways.The first method of operation - an operation Ravich, when a large incision with lateral or vertical resection of cartilage.By using this method, the aesthetic result is achieved.Decreases protruding portion is not observed, but also the expansion of the chest.Patients with breast keeled usually have narrowed the chest.

doctors often faced with situations where rough keeled strain is present simultaneously with Marfan syndrome.Therefore you must be sure to appeal to the heart surgeon about the possible treatment of heart disease.