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Why hurt the chest during inspiration ?

The occurrence of chest pain when inhaling may be due to several reasons.In some cases, this symptom may indicate the presence of life-threatening diseases, in other situations, may have contributed to the emergence of pain stretching the chest muscles or stay in the draft.Why hurt the chest during inspiration?Consider the basic reasons that may contribute to this phenomenon.

causes of chest pain when inhaling

The occurrence of chest pain when inhaling may indicate the presence of a serious lung disease, blood vessels or the heart, gastrointestinal tract, or the presence of injuries.If you have a lung disease chest pain occur in connection with violations of the pleural membrane surrounding the lungs.Any disease that affects the membrane of the lungs, can cause chest pain when breathing.The cause of the sensation of pain in the chest during inspiration can be the presence of gastroesophageal reflux disease.The occurrence of this condition occurs in the case where there is lifting "juice" from the sto

mach up to the mouth.

Another cause of chest pain when inhaling is broken or bruised ribs.If the case is severe, there is a need for surgery, the application of heat in the chest, or the use of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids.

fairly common cause of chest pain is the development of vascular disease and heart.Such pain may act as a manifestation of a heart attack or other cardiovascular pathologies.

In addition, the cause of chest pain when inhaling can be:

  • presence of pulmonary embolism when you score one or more of the arteries that supply the lungs with blood.In some cases, the disease may not be accompanied by any symptoms.Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism by means of electrocardiography, performing lab tests, rengtgenografii, computed tomography, angiography of the pulmonary vessels;
  • occurrence of pneumonia, the symptoms of which include sudden fever, the appearance of secretions from the mouth when coughing, wheezing breathing hard, shaking voice.For the diagnosis of pneumonia involves the use of X-rays, computed tomography of the chest, perform blood and urine tests, analysis of crop taken from the sputum, bronchoscopy and biopsy;
  • development of pleurisy, one of which is a common cause of infection of a viral infection.For the diagnosis of the disease can be applied pleural biopsy, chest X-ray, pneumothorax, biochemical research on glucose, LDH, amylase;
  • presence of pneumothorax.When pneumothorax, but pain in the chest during inspiration, there is a sense of pressure in the chest, weakness, shortness of breath or chest pain when inhaling.A person may become blue, start to choke and even die from the fact that he will miss oxygen.To diagnose the disease involves the use of computed tomography, as well as holding a doctor examination and palpation;
  • development of costal chondrite (Tietze's syndrome), which is carried out for diagnostic check-up with the implementation of palpation, rarely - implementation of chest radiography, computed tomography;
  • occurrence of angina in which pain can give to the neck, jaw, back and shoulders.When the duration of angina attack of acute chest pain can last up to 15 minutes.Implementation of diagnosis of the disease is based on the performance of a blood test for the presence of biochemical markers of myocardial damage, test glucose tolerance, a study thyroid hormone levels, the performance of echocardiography, ECG at rest and with physical activity;
  • presence of pericarditis, the symptoms of which include the appearance of subfebrile temperature, sharp pain in the center of the chest or the left side, the development of malaise, shortness of breath when lying down and coughing.Diagnosis of pericarditis involves performing check-up, application of the method of screening ECG, echocardiography and Doppler blood vessels.

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