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Treatment & degree chonechondrosternon

funnel chest is considered the most common congenital variant, which may be encountered in the field.With congenital deformity of the chest is facing 2% of the population.If you have funnel chest sternum body is shifted backward and forming a depression similar to the funnel.Often the location of the asymmetric deformation, there is a strong variation in the severity of the defect.Consider the treatment and degree funnel chest.

Degrees funnel chest

degree classification funnel chest is made depending on the depth of retraction of the sternum.At the first degree the depth of retraction of the sternum is present within 2 centimeters, with second-degree strain is noted the presence of depressions in the depth range from 2 to 4 centimeters, for third-degree characteristic that the depth of the depressions is more than 4 centimeters.

first and second degree funnel chest caused only cosmetic defect, thus they have not violated the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.If a patient has the third or fourth

degree of funnel chest there are functional disorders revealed by the survey.

Treatment funnel chest

funnel chest can be treated conservatively or surgically.Conservative treatment of funnel chest is served congenital deformation in children aged 2 to 6 years.The method of treatment involves performing alignment deformation using vacuum pressure on the keel through special units.But due to the large number of side effects and a high probability of relapse strain conservative treatment is not widely applied.

Surgical treatment of funnel chest can be carried out in three ways:

  • osteochondroplasty.In some cases the use of endoscopic procedures;
  • plastic "retraction" implant (use silicone);
  • plasticity of adipose tissue.

To study the dynamics of chest wall deformity, patients need to appear on the follow-up every six months 1.The indications for surgical treatment of funnel chest is the presence in the primary treatment to the doctor pronounced defects of the chest wall or progression of deformation.In appointing the surgery, the surgeon must take into account all the elements of the strain that should be eliminated.If the doctor disregard even the slightest element, then this will cause a poor cosmetic effect.The leading criterion need to correct deformities of the chest are the functional parameters of the internal organs.Elevating thoracoplasty when funnel chest increases the volume of pleural cavity, which is seen by the anesthetist surgery.In the growing organism increase in the volume of pleural cavity after surgery causes regression of respiratory disorders.In this regard, correct deformities of the chest belongs to the pathogenesis of conditionality surgery.At the same time correcting the defects of the chest in adults has less effect on improving the function of internal organs.

surgical intervention should be carried out based on the individual characteristics of the defect.The intervention itself is carried out that the mobilization department of the deformed front plastron, elevation retraction of the chest wall, a reliable stabilized through the use of metal structures.On average, the patient must spend in the hospital for 12 days.For postoperative advised to limit physical activity for 6-12 months.

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