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Treatment of leukoplakia of the bladder

Leykoplaksiya - a chronic process that may develop in the mucous membranes of the bladder, vulva, rectum, cervix, mouth, as well as the tympanic membrane and paranasal sinuses.

leukoplakia of the bladder is a pathological process in which there are no glikogenoobrazovaniya and the emergence of Actinic on stratified squamous epithelium.Normally, these abnormalities were observed.

Causes Bladder leukoplakia

To date, the exact causes of the disease, as well, and clinical features, pathogenesis and etiology is not well understood.

According to researchers, leukoplakia of the bladder occurs as a result of hormonal balance, viral infection (human papilloma virus and herpes simplex virus), chronic infections of the lower urinary tract.

Symptoms of bladder leukoplakia

leukoplakia symptoms are similar to symptoms of chronic cystitis.However leukoplakia, in contrast to chronic cystitis, no significant voiding.Patients complain of a burning sensation in the urethra, the constant heaviness in the bladder, d

ull pain in the vestibule, groin and perineal suprapubic and prolonged spasms and pain during and after urination.

leukoplakia diagnosis of bladder

basis of diagnosis of this disease is a comprehensive examination that includes:

  • inspection in the chair and physical examination;
  • medical history;
  • biochemical and clinical studies;
  • complex urodynamic examination;
  • ultrasound of the bladder and kidneys;
  • endoscopic examination of the bladder and urethra.

also possible to carry out cystoscopy with biopsy pinch.

Cystoscopy is a modern method of diagnosis, allowing diagnosis of leukoplakia of the bladder, to clarify the localization of lesions, to determine the degree of dysplastic processes and eliminate diseases with similar clinical symptoms.

Treatment of leukoplakia of the bladder

For maximum effect, the treatment of leukoplakia of the bladder is held in a complex containing etiopathogenetic therapy.The technique consists of hormone replacement etiopatogenicheskuyu, immunomodulatory and antiviral therapy.In identifying the inflammatory processes applied antibiotic therapy.

When surgical treatment of leukoplakia of the bladder using transurethral resection (TUR) and laser excision undergone changes portions of the mucous membrane with a preliminary biopsy.

Transurethral resection - is not only a way of surgical treatment, but also the possibility of obtaining histological material.In the treatment of leukoplakia of the bladder defined role for transurethral vaporization of epithelial changes.With this method, it became possible for the minimum time to process a large area.

use of high-intensity laser is another method used in the treatment of bladder leukoplakia.This method has the undoubted advantage - the ability to burn without bloodshed and without contact, vaporize, coagulate abnormal areas of tissue, and thus on the wound surface to form a thin film of coagulation, which prevents the penetration of infection into the underlying tissues.

Surgical treatment of bladder leukoplakia conducted if conducted therapy was ineffective.

Many patients may be the same diagnosis, but the treatment for each is individually.