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How to cure pancreatitis

Human health is very important for normal happy life.However, in the frantic pace of life today, we do not always think about how to preserve and enhance.As a rule, the disease treated only when the pain has no strength to endure.

Pancreatitis - is a medical term that means inflammation of the pancreas as a result of tumors, cysts or gallstones, which close the pancreatic duct.Closed flow does not produce the normal flow of enzymes and digestive juices in the small intestine.Enzymes gradually accumulate, reflecting on the work of the gland.The enzymes in question in medicine is called pancreatic, hence the name of the disease - pancreatitis.

first symptoms of pancreatitis in any case can not be ignored, because the running process leads to the death of the patient.Fried foods, overeating, consumption of pungent foods and fatty foods, alcohol abuse, nervous stress - all these are the main causes.

today in the medical directory you can find two terms: chronic and acute pancreatitis.

main symptoms of pancreatitis

Perhaps the most basic sign of pancreatitis are pain in the left side, back and shoulder blades.In addition, if an acute form may occur, such as the symptoms of pancreatitis fluidlike chair with the remains of undigested food, nausea and vomiting.

Acute pancreatitis may be accompanied by a form of collapse and shock, a strong increase or decrease in body temperature.

Chronic pancreatitis , whose symptoms manifest as bloating, rumbling in the abdomen, weight loss, vomiting and belching, red spots in the abdomen, burning pain often, disrupting the normal flow of life of the sick person, and in some casesleading to diabetes.

treatment of pancreatitis

Frankly, treatment of pancreatitis is quite a serious matter, which depends on the course of the disease and the extent of the disease.For example, if a patient acute pancreatitis treatment it should be done in a surgical hospital, where he was put on a drip and "planted" on a strict diet.Special care and control required in the first week of attacks, which is considered critical, and is characterized by severe pain.After this time, the patient can be transferred to a regular room.

It often happens that after critical days, pancreatitis subsides, however, to interrupt his treatment is not necessary, because the slightest delay can worsen the overall condition of the patient.

If pancreatitis is chronic, here comes to the fore outpatient drug treatment, which implies the appointment of pain medication and enzymes to reduce the secretion of the pancreas and pancreatic juice to fill.

In addition, patients diagnosed with pancreatitis have to follow a strict diet, which completely eliminated fat and spicy foods, alcohol, crude fiber.An important role in the diet plays an intake of protein foods and vitamins.

In any case, all patients pancreatitis people appoint an individual course of treatment and a diet that is suitable to a person with certain symptoms.

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