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Diet hemorrhoids

It so happened that on such diseases, such as angina, migraine or flu people can talk without embarrassment to the doctor, or simply talking with friends, but hemorrhoids - a delicate subject, which all prefer to remain silent.However, according to statistics, it is an unpleasant disease is most common among people of different status and age.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

most common symptoms of hemorrhoids - a foreign body sensation in the anus, itching and burning sensation in the area, as well as bleeding after a bowel movement.As you can see, the symptoms of hemorrhoids is not very neutral, so often silent about them, apart from talking about this sore something shameful and degrading.This is a major mistake, because early detection of disease greatly accelerates the healing process.

Proper nutrition hemorrhoids

important aspect in the fight against this disease is a proper diet for hemorrhoids.It should be regular and rational - this is the main criteria in this regard.It is well-chosen diet can g

reatly assist in the complex treatment of hemorrhoids - an insidious disease that can develop into cancer.Let's see, what should eat and what absolutely can not have in this situation!

Since hemorrhoids is a disease of the intestine, and the intestine is a mandatory part of the human digestive system, the power of hemorrhoids must be chosen with extreme responsibility.From his daily diet is categorically exclude smoked, spicy and salty foods.All of these products have the ability to increase blood flow and therefore - hemorrhoidal nodules overflowed with blood that faces severe pains, discomfort and even bleeding.So we forget the salty pickles and smoked bacon with mustard for a period of treatment of hemorrhoids, no matter how desirable sometimes treat yourself to something tasty!Just

should abandon "suhomyatku" such as sandwiches, pastries and other "food on the move".All this food contains almost no liquid, and it threatens severe constipation.Solid stool can injure the inflamed hemorrhoids, so that there is a high probability of an open bleeding.The category also includes taboo alcohol and cigarettes as abuse and other topics and often leads to obstruction or spasm of veins and capillaries, which, in turn, is "favorable conditions" for the further development of hemorrhoids.

Proper nutrition for hemorrhoids involves compulsory eating fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins.Vitamins help to strengthen the immune system and tissue toxins from the body and reduces the likelihood of constipation because its fibers soften stool.In addition, do not forget about the first dish, cereals and bran, which should be included in the daily diet of a person who is ill illness such as hemorrhoids.They are great help digestion and reduce the risk of constipation.

Do not forget about water.Should drink up to 2 liters a day, while it was water, not juice, coffee and tea, which often dehydrate the body.Water, as you know - the life, so do not spoil the "life" of sugar, flavors and flavor enhancers.Only in pure form and not only carbonated!

If you follow a special diet, and in parallel to pass comprehensive treatment of hemorrhoids forever leave you without surgery.Be healthy!

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