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Enema will cleanse the bowels

basic or so-called "shock" colon cleansing is carried out in the autumn, because at that time the gut is the most powerful and active.This cleaning is carried out first of all serious cleansing, after which you can perform all the other cleaning: liver, kidneys, blood vessels, etc.

Eating indiscriminately any tasty foods, overeating, in the colon accumulate indigestible part of food that collects in the folds of years - pockets.Such fecal debris can weigh from 8 to 25 kg.If they are constantly replenished, the colon may become a huge fixed bag waste, which will displace the internal organs to the right place, to draw in the diaphragm.

If the colon is sick, it affects the condition of the mouth, teeth.Begin diseases of the ear, nose, throat, and much more.Thus, the bowel cleansing procedure is very important.And enemas will help cleanse the intestines.This method is effective and affordable.Because adult greatest amount of dirt accumulation occurs in the cavity of the large intestine via the enem

a can eliminate 80% of disease.In order to conduct the cleaning process was successful, you need to pre-heat the body is good for him to relax and accumulated stones and slag softened.

What you need to clean the bowel enema

Before cleaning, you must have the following four things: an enema, litter, wash up, Vaseline (or any oil).

necessary to buy in the drugstore enema, which amounts to 1.5 liters.Enema should be pear-syringe, and an enema, which looks like a hot water bottle, a hose with a tap at the end.The litter can be used as a sheet or a piece of polyethylene.Size is required such that you are fully fit on it when lie down.

as wash composition used plain water is best boiled.But if the water from the tap is of good quality, it is possible to use tap water.You must use water at room temperature or slightly cooler, but it must not be hot!The water may include various additives that facilitate dissolution of the slag.As an addition, you can use lemon juice or citric acid, sodium carbonate, potassium permanganate, herbs (chamomile, plantain, yarrow, celandine), urine.Each supplement has its effect, so before doing an enema should be familiar with the action of each of them.

Vaseline or oil lubricated enema tip in order that he could easily enter into the anus.You can also use any fat cream, if there is no oil or petroleum jelly.

procedure of intestinal cleansing enema

Let's start purgation.Enema set is not difficult.We need to fill it with water or rinsing composition.Hang the enema about your height growth.Lubricate the tip of the enema cream, butter or petroleum jelly.A sheet or a bed oilcloth, and lie on your side, pull your knees to the stomach.Carefully fully enter the hose into the anus, then open the faucet.The tip must be all the time to hold hands, or he can jump, and the water flow on the bed or floor.Breathing should be quiet and deep.Now we have to wait until all the water is drained into the gut of an enema, and then close the tap and pull out the tip.The water must be kept inside as much as you can during this time, the slag will be dissolved.It is best kept Urinova enema 45-50 minutes, all others are able to survive in an enema intestinal no more than 5-7 minutes.It may be that half an hour later there will be another urge to use the toilet, this is normal.

after the procedure and bowel movement, lubricate the anus chamomile or calendula ointment, fat cream or paste soothing candle.All of these tools medicines available over the counter.

Do not worry about the fact that as a result of washing the disturbed intestinal microflora, since the restoration of a healthy microflora in a clean environment is very fast.In order to help the intestines, is to drink a glass every day bifidokefir.

Full course bowel cleansing is one week.Clysterize can be either in the morning or in the evening.It is advisable before you put an enema to empty the bowel naturally.In carrying out such a cleaning, you need to eat a light meal and do not load "from the belly", because the body and so spends a lot of effort into, to get rid of all unnecessary.

This purgation is recommended once a year.If you want to maintain a clean bowel, it is possible to put an enema once a month, and then the intestine is always perfect order!

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