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Forms of gastritis and treatment of gastritis

gastritis - an inflammation of the stomach wall, resulting from the action of chemicals, which may include not only food, but some drugs, bacteria and mechanical damage.The cause of gastritis can also be alcohol abuse, infatuation "junk food", smoking.This happens due to the fact that our gastric juice is a strong hydrochloric acid, and to the stomach wall is not "fret", there is a layer of the epithelium, resisting the damaging effects of acid.If a person often uses a sharp, spicy or salty food, then there is thinning of the epithelium of the stomach, causing the cells lose their ability to withstand the gastric juice, and they begin to corrode the stomach wall.This results in gastritis.Gastritis differs by type, respectively, and for each different treatment.What are the different types of gastritis and its treatment?

Acute gastritis and chronic gastritis

manifestations of acute gastritis begins 4-8 hours after being hit in the stomach spicy food.The symptoms of acute gastritis include the sudden a

ppearance of heaviness in the stomach, nausea, dizziness, general weakness, vomiting, and diarrhea.Man becomes pale, in the language of present white film, drooling, or, conversely, in the mouth feels dry.There are cases when the symptoms of acute gastritis are greased manifestation, because of what the patient is suffering inconvenience caused and does not go to the doctor.Gastritis can not disappear, it can become chronic.The mucosa of the stomach is in an inflamed condition, and in some instances inflammation proceeds to spread deeper layers of the stomach wall.Patients with chronic gastritis occasionally felt epigastric pain (just below the ribs in the front), nausea, loss of appetite, mouth feel metallic taste, there are frequent burping air with the smell of rotten eggs, food debris.

In chronic gastritis is a violation of gastric juice.If the selection of juice very much, there are pains in the stomach, nausea, regurgitation, something sour, constipation.This disease affects mostly young men.The symptoms of gastritis, which is characterized by a reduced gastric secretion, ie,the gastric juice is released in very small quantities, a nausea, a metallic taste in the mouth, constipation and diarrhea.In the absence of treatment of the gastritis for a long time, the patient loses his appetite, he gradually loses weight, starts to develop weakness and impotence may even occur.This form of gastritis often seen in older men.There are cases that gastritis with reduced secretion of gastric acid acts as a precursor to the development of tumors, sincegastritis occurs atrophy of the stomach wall, and the loss of its functions.

These two types of gastritis are the most common to less common forms include corrosive gastritis, hypertrophic gastritis and haemorrhagic gastritis.

In order to establish a diagnosis, it is necessary to conduct a number of studies, which include gastroscopy, ultrasound, bacteriological analysis taken from the affected areas and the healthy cells of the stomach.

treatment of gastritis

In most cases, in order to recover from gastritis, you need to diet and taking medications that relieve pain, relieve spasms.Treatment gastritis, regardless of its form begins with the diet that is the removal of fatty, salty and sharp.It is necessary to use only warm drinks as hot and warm drink and food carried irritation of the stomach wall.To facilitate the work of the stomach must be carefully chewing food.Meals should be implemented in small portions at least five times per day.

Diet for gastritis is a cornerstone in the treatment of gastritis.If the gastritis is accompanied by a reduced amount of gastric juice, then you need to eat cereals patient and vegetable soups, which are used when cooking lean meat or fish, fermented baked milk and other non-acidic dairy products, cereals, fresh and cooked vegetables and fruit, stale bread, eggs.Cocoa, coffee and tea should be rather weak and not hot.

With increased secretion of gastric juice in gastritis diet should include foods that reduce the acidity of the juice.You can eat fresh and sour milk products, yogurt, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, cooked lean meat and fish.Allowed to use only boiled and mashed vegetables.

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