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Zayed corners of his mouth : Causes and Treatment

Under Zayed lips meant the appearance of cracks in the corners of the mouth, accompanied by irritation, abscesses in the corners of the mouth, the occurrence of discomfort.First, in the corners of the mouth begins to appear reddening which passes into small cracks, and in some cases, and erosion.As a result, Zayed it hurts to talk, lipstick impossible.The disease is accompanied by itching and burning in the corners of his mouth, and when making sharp, acidic or salty foods amplify pain.In severe cases, patients can not eat, because when opening the mouth, a strong pain.If you do not start treatment Zayed timely manner, it is possible crusting and bleeding ulcers.Consider what are Zayed corners of the lips, their causes and treatment .

reasons Zayed in the corners of the lips

Zayed in the corners of the lips appear due to lower immunity and activation in chronic infection foci.Perhaps the local influencing factors such as the presence of micro-traumas of the lips, as well as the emergence Zayed contributes to shortages of some minerals and vitamins, resulting in a growing resistant Angulo.Activation angulita occurs mainly in the spring, because at that time there is an increase load on the adaptive system of the body, including the immune system;a decrease in the content of biologically active substances in food, and while there is an increase in demand for them.
also causes the appearance Zayed is a violation of life of the organism, which is caused by poor performance of the gastrointestinal tract or other internal organ, that is,Zayed indicates the presence of other serious illnesses.
believed that perleches is a bacterial infection or a fungal disease that can be transmitted through utensils, kissing and other things of common use.
In addition, there are many more reasons that may appear Zayed corners of his mouth , among them may even be allergic to toothpaste or some food, and malocclusion.

Treatment Zayed in the corners of the lips

If the disease continues to persistently develop laboratory scraping is taken to identify the pathogen.The disease can be caused by staphylococci, streptococci or yeast fungi genus Candida.It takes a blood test for vitamin B2.Upon detection of the fungus doctors prescribe antifungal medications, sized according to the disease, and should take into account individual sensitivity to drugs.For treatment Zayed corners of his mouth need to cure carious teeth, and there is a need to eliminate irritants (tartar defective crowns or dentures).Smokers need to quit for people to buy or to limit smoking.It is necessary to enrich its nutrition various vitamins, especially vitamin B2, contained in large amounts in whole grains (raw rice bran), nuts, legumes, green leafy vegetables, avocado, cabbage.Among the products of animal origin to the best sources of riboflavin include fish, poultry, egg yolk, cheese.
is also necessary to ensure that the intake of vitamin E, which is found in large quantities in vegetable oil, cabbage, nuts, beans, corn and oatmeal.We must try to eat more fruits and vegetables, dairy products.There should be no eating salty, spicy and acidic foods.It is desirable to give preference to boiled food.In the case of fungal infections should limit consumption of sweets.
to heal cracked lips as soon as possible, they must be lubricated using an oil solution of vitamin E, olive oil or linseed oil.Protect your lips from strong winds and frost with a special protective lipstick. Treatment Zayed corners of the mouth can be carried out using the infusion made from oak or alder cones, which are characterized by possessing astringent and disinfectant properties.You can also use the following recipe: Moisten a cotton swab with tea tree oil, apply it to the corners of the mouth for a few seconds.Repeat this procedure until the morning and evening until perleches disappear.You can use warm brewed green tea bags.To prevent the re-emergence Zayed need to hygienic requirements for oral care.It is necessary to use a clean towel to the face.