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Treatment dolphins

Many are now aware of the fact that communication with dolphins has a healing effect.Inherently treatment dolphin is providing complex effects on the body.This impact includes the ultrasonic waves emitted by the dolphin, motor activity, stay in the sea water, which has certain medicinal properties.And, of course, for the effects of typical powerful psychological effect.When coupled with the dolphin in the pool there is a person, then the dolphin calls him to communicate, for example, for joint games, swimming, non-verbal exchange of information.As a result of this communication a person gets a very effective and positive impact, which is not able to provide modern medicine.Gaining popularity treatment dolphins Anapa , where you can combine business with pleasure, and not just relax by the sea, but also improve your body.Dolphin therapy is possible not only Anapa , but also dolphinariums located in other cities, not necessarily by the sea.

Treatment dolphins

Underlying dolphin ultrasound is used in medicine for over 40 years.Ultrasound has no effect on specific organs or tissues, and cells of which the human body.Natural ultrasound is more valuable than a "mechanical", which is emitted by the laboratory facilities.This is the explanation of the uniqueness dolphin .
the ultrasound massage at the cellular level, thereby providing faster and better penetration of useful active substances in the cells.Accordingly, an improvement of the intracellular metabolism and circulation of body fluids.Ultrasound in stagnant areas of accelerated fluid that helps to make it more effective and to move quickly in the tissues of the body.In addition, for the ultrasonic signals dolphin possible analgesic effect, relieves pain.
Dolphins can change the strength and intensity of the sound signals emitted by them.If a dolphin is less than half a meter from the person, then it emits a pulse frequency of 500 Hz, repeated with a period of 2.5 seconds.If a person is in the water in the supine position, the dolphin is near, and they echolocation beam is oriented in the direction of the skull.At close range in other provisions of the human dolphin echolocation beam is directed to the patient's spine.
The course of treatment dolphins and dolphin communication person should be regular.The need to define a system of interaction.In the course of treatment there is a certain duration and program.
Dolphin can be combined with other treatments.Before starting treatment dolphin therapy sessions recommended to visit an endocrinologist, psychotherapist and neurologist.Competent doctors after examination of the body and soul of the patient will be submitted to the final verdict, if he could get into the sea water, or there is a need to start, for example, to align the hormonal balance.

Dolphin children

very common dolphins treatment of children .For example, a widely used treatment dolphins palsy in children.Besides disease, sessions of swimming with dolphins are assigned to children with autism, Down syndrome, mental retardation, memory disorders, hearing and speech, enuresis, learning disabilities, neuroses, and in the presence of various phobias, and sleep disorders.The technique aims to strengthen the child's body and improve its overall condition.The emergence of positive results might have after visiting several sessions.SinceDolphinarium is not a medical institution, the experts in the first place, attention is drawn to the emotional state and the developmental needs of the child, not the diagnosis.Conducting exercises carried out in several stages, including a conversation with the psychologist, the passage of the testing and the direct contact of the child and the animal in the water.Throughout the sessions with a child psychologist and present dolphin trainer.The duration of individual sessions with the child is more than 1.5 hours.

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