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How to stop snoring

can not dismiss snoring , because it is a very serious phenomenon, which could lead to the fact that a person during sleep to stop breathing. How to get rid of snoring ?

way to get rid of snoring

Before you are going to go to bed, it is worth checking whether you clean the nasopharynx.It is recommended to rinse the throat and nose, using a concentrated solution made of sea salt.Thus rinsing can be reduced soft tissue swelling and to increase their firmness, increase airway passage therefore can avoid snoring.

recommended sleep on your side, because in such a situation is not possible to have the language to block the way to the throat, but some people snore and get in that position.
6 hours before bedtime is advisable not to drink anything alcoholic.Before going to bed it is also not advisable to drink hypnotics or sedatives, which lead to parallel what nasopharyngeal muscles relax.In the presence of excess weight should try it at least a little to lose.In addition, the need to strengthen th
e muscles of the nasopharynx, which has a simple set of exercises:
- you need to move the jaw back and forth 30 times;
- It is necessary to put out the language so that the tension was felt at its base.Repeat 30 times;
- It is necessary to try to pronounce the sound "and" while tensing the muscles of the neck and throat.Repeat twice a day for 30 times.
From exercise to strengthen the muscles of the nasopharynx, the results are seen immediately, but only after 3 weeks.Such a charge can be made for preventive purposes.
as means snoring use special strips for the nose, which are sold in a pharmacy.They are expanding the wings of the nose and nasal passage becomes wider.
If the cause of snoring is nasal congestion associated with the common cold, polyps, etc., you should determine the exact cause and use conditioners, drops, sprays.In the absence of a positive outcome from such funds should consult a doctor who will be encouraged to pass a special course of treatment against snoring.

Snoring traditional medicines

We need to take a fresh sheet of white cabbage and crumble it into small pieces.Mix with a spoon of honey.The resulting mixture to eat before going to bed.Use this remedy for one month.Sliced ​​cabbage can be replaced with a glass of cabbage juice.Even if you do not work to get rid of snoring, your sleep will be much quieter and calmer.
hour before meals three times a day is recommended to eat carrots, baked in the oven.
If snoring appears when you sleep on your back, in the back to hem in pajamas small bag or ball, which is full of paper.But keep in mind that this method can reduce the quality of sleep.You can purchase an orthopedic pillow, do not allow the person to take the position, lying on his back.
As a means of snoring, you can finger massage, which should be done on an empty stomach and clean hands.We must stand in front of a mirror and open your mouth as wide as possible.To perform massage of the soft palate, which is behind the tongue, the right index finger for 2-3 minutes.You can then massage the area, which is located in front of the tongue.Doing well for 2-3 minutes, but with great pressure.Performing massage last 15 days, with alternating areas on which the massage.
also proven folk remedy for the treatment of snoring is acupressure, according to which all systems of the human body are connected with certain reflex zones located on the surface of the body.When the massage of these zones is their irritation, adjusted work of various organs.Perform the massage should be slightly warmed, with clean hands, exercising pressure point massage with fingertips.Movement done quickly, to the point made deep pressure with vibration and rotation for 30-40 seconds.
first point is symmetrical.It is located on the edge of the back and the sole of the foot.
second point is symmetrical.It is located on the forearm, 2 fingers from the thumb higher than the wrist crease.
third point is symmetrical.It is located on the edge of the back and palm of the hand over of the 5th metacarpal bone from the little finger.
fourth point is symmetrical.It is located in the neck from the inner end of the sternocleidomastoid muscle at the level of the lower edge of the thyroid cartilage.This point is less intense massage.When vertigo massage to complete a few deep breaths.
fifth point is asymmetrical.It is located in the center of the recess of the sternum.
six points is symmetrical.It is located in the middle of the foot.
Regular performing acupressure normal muscle tone and a dream.