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Enterobiasis : Symptoms and Treatment

Under enterobiasis understood human parasitic disease, which is characterized by intestinal damage, the occurrence of itching around the anus and allergy of the body.The causative agent is a pinworm, is a round worms, which has a grayish-white color.Its length is no more than 1 cm. Consider what enterobiasis: Symptoms and Treatment .

Infection enterobiasis

The source of infection appears only enterobiasis patient.The maturation of eggs laid by the females pinworms on human skin occurs already after 4-6 hours.And after that time, they were infectious, ieinvasive.They can get on the bed and underwear patient dissipated flies fall on items of premises and household items.A person infected when mature swallows pinworm eggs with food, or puts them together with the dust in the nose and mouth.Patients enterobiasis often samozarazhayutsya, touching or brushing the skin with itching anus.As a result of such contacts are contaminated fingers, helminth re-enters the intestine.Helminths cause mechanical da
mage to the implementation and suction to the intestinal mucosa, so that there is a development of the inflammatory process, petechial hemorrhages and erosion.Products of metabolism of helminths cause sensitization of the organism in which the developing allergies.The female pinworms at penetration into the female genital organs entered the bacteria from the gut.

Symptoms enterobiasis

enterobiasis main symptom is the appearance of the night itching in the anus, which can last for several days and repeated after 3-4 weeks.If the human gut contains a large number of pinworms or there is a massive re-infestation, the itching can become permanent and quite painful.When combing the anus appear abrasions, and joins a secondary bacterial infection of the skin, dermatitis occur.Often there is the occurrence of nausea, dry mouth, cramping abdominal pain, loss of appetite, sometimes nablyudaaetsya diarrhea with mucus.There may be headache, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, distraction, children are not excluded seizures.If zapolzut pinworms in the genitals in women, may cause severe vulvovaginitis.

Diagnostics enterobiasis

to diagnose enterobiasis , used microscopic examination of scrapings taken from prianalnoy region, the presence of pinworm eggs.To take scraping on enterobiasis , use a glass rod or a special adhesive tape.


Treatment Treatment is effective if carefully observe good personal hygiene and also to treat the whole family.If the staff children, the need to have been treated all infested children and staff.Carrying out of hygienic measures in the apartment: boiling for 30 minutes and proglazhivanie on both sides of bed linen and personal holding wet cleaning detergents, in particular, meticulous cleaning of the hallway, restroom.It is necessary to wash the door handles, vacuum the carpets, wash with soap and all the toys.The whole complex of disinfection should be repeated after 2 weeks.

Treatment enterobiasis children

enterobiasis the treatment of children in need of the above procedure to add some more activities.Children need daily change underwear.You need to wash the baby with warm running water and soap twice a day.It is important to briefly trimming a polish to pinworm eggs and dirt do not accumulate beneath them.We need to try not to let the child combed itchy places.Every day in the room must wet cleaning using different disinfectant solutions.After the cleaning rags should be boiled.Such a mode must be maintained for 3-4 weeks, during and after treatment.If you comply strictly with all preventive measures, then there is a possibility of self-healing enterobiasis .If enterobiasis persists for a long time and has severe symptoms, he corrected with medication.For this purpose, mebendazole, levamisole (dekaris) piperazine gelmintoks.Before the drug should take into account the child's age and weight.
been ill children should be examined 3 times: a week after the treatment was completed, and then 2 more times at weekly intervals.If pinworm eggs have been found again, the treatment must be repeated.But the use of drugs is allowed 2 weeks after the end of the previous course.To prevent the emergence of worms, it is useful to give the baby carrots, garlic, walnuts, pomegranate juice, strawberries, tea from St. John's wort.