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Why itching in the anus ?

Feeling itching in the anus is an unpleasant condition that is irritating the nervous system.In the presence of this symptom is impossible to concentrate on anything, there is a lot of inconvenience and, ultimately, itching leads to negative consequences.Why itching in the anus?

Causes of itching in the anus

most common causes of itching in the anus is a worm infestation.To detect it is necessary to pass the three-fecal worm eggs.Instead of scraping feces can pass on enterobiasis taken from the rectum.This procedure can be done in the SES residence.
Another cause of itching in the anus is the presence of anal disease (hemorrhoids, anal fissure).For precise setting it is necessary to be examined by a proctologist.Besides, itching around the anus can be caused by skin diseases (fungal lesions, erythrasma - a defeat which is caused by corynebacteria) or allergic reactions (individual intolerance of toilet paper or soap).In this case, consult a dermatologist.
Another cause of itching is diabe
tes.In order to establish this diagnosis need to donate blood for determination of sugar in it.This can be done in the district hospital.
With increased gas (flatulence) should contact a physician or a gastroenterologist.Perhaps your doctor will be scheduled ultrasound of the abdomen.Before you can see a doctor, should be excluded from the diet of foods that contribute to flatulence: fresh fruits and vegetables, black and soft white bread, buns, beans, sodas and whole milk.Itching in the anus can be caused by colon polyps.
Often the cause of itching is the presence of intestinal dysbiosis, when because of a violation of the microflora lead to abnormalities in acid-base balance of the rectum.Because of this, and it irritates the mucous membranes in the anus there is a burning sensation.But first of all, when there is this unpleasant symptom, to exclude the possibility of settlement of worms.The hallmark symptom of the fact that the severe itching in the anus caused by these parasites, is the appearance of symptoms in the evening and at night, because it is the time of day is typical for pinworms crawled out of the anus with a view to lay eggs in the folds of the external opening of the rectum.In the future, as the eggs will go pinworms, itching can occur at any time of the day.
To diagnose the disease, it is necessary as soon as there was an itch, to pass appropriate tests, for which you will be able to send infectious diseases.

the mainstay of treatment of itching in the anus

During the treatment of itching in the anus there are three basic rules:
1. Compliance with the strict personal hygiene.Carrying water treatment after each bowel movement;
2. Dieting and nutrition.It should be observed to ensure that the intestines are regularly emptied;
3. Use the ointment for the treatment of itching in the anus only after consulting your doctor.
If there constant itching in the anus should immediately begin treatment of the disease.In the case of helminthic invasion itching has a periodic character.If a more serious disease, the presence of such a phenomenon may be permanent.If itching is permanent, treatment should begin with a visit to the proctologist, which will be a series of surveys and possible cracks and hemorrhoids anus.In addition, he will be able to see polyps, which in the future may be the reason that will develop colorectal cancer.After passing the examination at the doctor-proctologist, it can give you a referral to a gastroenterologist and infectious diseases, which will set the precise diagnosis and appropriate and proper treatment of itching in the anus.

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