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Lice and gnidy.Kak bring ?

One of the main signs of lice and nits is the emergence of a strong itch in defeat places.If head lice, the itching focuses behind the ears and in the back of the head.If lice wardrobes, itch occurs in a zone in which the garment close to the body.When ploschitsah (pubic lice) focuses itching in the pubic area. Itching leads to scratching which can occur accompanied boils, pustules, etc.The patient has insomnia, there is loss of appetite.

Removing lice and nits

When breeding insects themselves is not enough to wash your hair and wash clothes.When head parasites sure way of getting rid of them is to reduce the length of hair or even delete them.But these measures are not mandatory.The easiest way to get rid of pubic lice, where you can really shave off all his hair, and then, to avoid contamination, it is necessary to disinfect bites by using a special ointment.If parasites have settled on the eyelashes or eyebrows, then there is no difficulty to remove them from these areas fingernails.

In the case of body lice ineffective measure is a simple washing using a conventional scouring powder.It is necessary to boil clothes or processing of linen and clothes with steam, after which the laundry to hang in a ventilated place in the sun, where it must be suspended for a week.There is such an option: treat contaminated area using any insecticide, leave medication to venom can soak a couple of hours, and then extend the thing and post it in the sun.A week is recommended for the prevention of iron the seams and folds of iron.

Getting rid of head lice and nits

Get rid of head lice and nits little more complicated.You can buy at the drugstore variety of means, most effective and cheapest of which is hellebore water.You can buy a shampoo from the lice and nits, ointments, aerosols.Before you use these tools, it is advisable to read the instructions.Choosing means you can consult an expert before you buy them.Child treatment may be assigned a pediatrician.

using synthetic agents, you may experience an allergic reaction, moreover, the use of many drugs are contraindicated for children and pregnant women.Therefore, we can turn to natural methods of fighting that are considered gentle.

Folk remedies for lice and nits

effective against lice and nits is the use of cranberry juice as its acidic environment dissolves the upper shell eggs.Also, you can effectively eliminate the parasites, using tar and Dustov soap, because in them a high alkali content.Another fairly radical way as to bring lice and nits, is hair coloring.Hydrogen peroxide is a terrible weapon against insects from the fact that it is concentrated and pungent.By ineffective drugs from the lice and nits are the use of a decoction of wormwood, boiled beets, parsley or mint juice, but these funds are used in folk medicine.However, the effectiveness of a specific feature.

When using folk remedies should consider the following:

  • if you use kerosene, the hair for a long time after treatment can not come to normal.Kerosene is difficult washed off, spoils hair, they become kind of dirty, sticky, scratching becomes difficult;
  • using vinegar, hair become dry, and if you use a concentrated solution, it can burn the skin at all.Vinegar only kills lice, nits they do not appear;
  • when using "dichlorvos" and other similar devices can get poisoned because they are highly toxic due to carbonates and organophosphorus substances contained in them.

All of these methods are supported by the fact that the conduct of the procedure is quite uncomfortable, because after applying the funds for the hair you need to wrap the hair with a plastic bag first, then with a towel.Stay well for 2 hours.

After you use any drugs from the lice and nits, you need to comb the head using a special tooth comb and manually remove each egg.Perhaps it will take several days combing as quite difficult to deduce nits.Long hair will most likely have to be cut to shoulder level - is at least.With such a long hair comb dead insects and eggs will be easier.To facilitate this procedure, you can, if put on hair balm, geranium or olive oil, fish oil, which will give the "sliding effect".Parasites can also get rid of, if you use olive oil.Geranium oil has anti-inflammatory, heals wounds.

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