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Parasites in humans

All parasites have a detrimental impact on human health, resulting in growing variety of serious diseases. parasites in the human body may exist in muscle tissue, the intestinal tract, blood, brain, heart, other organs, is vital.Some parasites, such as Ancylostoma, visited almost all the organs in the process of its development.

other parasites from the class of helminths, alveococcus in the body to produce special education - Finns - a collection of small bubbles, which are as common capsule.These vesicles have a liquid, they can only outwardly bud and grow into the host body tissue as a malignant tumor.Alveococcosis is a rare disease, but it runs like a malignant disease.The fastest way affects the liver and brain.The magnitude of these bodies alveococcus nodes can reach a diameter of 15 cm. Diagnosing helminthiasis very difficult time, a diagnosis is usually put already in the late stages.But in this case, surgery is no longer possible.

To stay in the human body as long as possible, parasites uses unique tools: clothespins, sharp hooks, wire and rigid hairs or teeth-plate of chitin.They are constantly traumatized delicate mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract, liver overloaded their waste.They take food from the host, resulting in a suppressed immune system, inhibits the ability to live beneficial microorganisms.

symptoms of parasites in the human body

What symptoms are typical, such as helminthiasis?Detect this disease is not easy.As a rule, people do not even know that he is attacked by worms, because symptoms are poor appetite, weakness, appearance of headaches, depression, allergic reactions.Such symptoms are confusing even vrachey.Byvaet that the symptoms of parasites in the body is so lubricated that a person can not articulate them clearly.As a result, the necessary laboratory tests may not be imposed, therefore, the real reason can not reveal.

Influence of parasites on the well-being

After some time, during which a person lives together with worms, begins to occur intoxication, which is understood as a gradual poisoning of the body waste products of worms.There fatigue, worsening or increased appetite, headaches appearance.In children, there may be a slowing of physical and mental development.Since most worms settles the gut, this is where many of the problems begin.There are irregularities in the bowel, it ceases to cope with the absorption of substances that are vital.Perhaps the appearance of dysbiosis, which manifests itself in the form of occurrence of abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting.The result of intense activity of worms also increase sensitivity to allergens.
In children, parasites prevent the nervous system to develop normally.And if the disease is long, you may receive the mental and physical retardation.
main objective of any parasite is able to exist in the human imperceptible starting from vital organs: heart, brain, kidney, liver, lung, intestine, etc., which leads to the development of various diseases.

diseases caused by certain parasites Toxoplasma

contribute to the development of many deformities, congenital diseases in children, mental retardation.
most dangerous of the parasites is Trichinella.Its larvae settle in the muscles, which begin to develop worms.Trichinella caused severe damage to the muscle and connective tissue.
Trichomonas contribute to the development of intestinal diseases, urogenital system, blood, breath, blood vessels.It may be arthritis, diabetes, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, heart attack, stroke, cancer.Fungus caused an abundance of various diseases, the formation and development of cancer.
Giardia affected gall bladder and bile ducts, liver, small intestine.Giardiasis is capable of being the cause of pancreatitis, duodenitis, hepatitis, enteritis and cholecystitis.

How to get rid of parasites in the body?

to destroy the parasites need to take drugs that have chemical origin.Moreover, Russian scientists have developed and released a pest control program in which selected herbal complex with directional effect.This program is consistent, well-built technologies for the destruction and elimination of worms.At the same time the body is cleared of decay products parasites , produced anti-parasite immunity.