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Pinworms in children and adults

pinworm infestation is a common disease that most often occur in children.Pinworms - is intestinal parasites that live in the rectum.They do not cause any pain, but they can bring a lot of inconvenience.

Pinworms in children and adults with the infection causes itching in the anus, especially at night, at a time when the females crawl out to lay their eggs.As a result, there is discomfort, resulting in sleep becomes restless.The problem is most acute for children, because they are prone to being careful is not enough to comply with hygiene and adult pinworms appear often.

reasons pinworm infection

Pinworms can be spread from one person to another, or from animal to person 3 ways:

  • contact,
  • household,
  • oral.

vectors of disease are the people who suffer from infection with these parasites.They have itching in the perineum, the skin brushing, eggs fall under the nails.Failure to comply with the elementary rules of hygiene, they can bring a person into the mouth, where they re-enter the int

estine.Similarly, healthy people may become infected by touching the same objects or a handshake.

Sometimes pinworm eggs are found in the coat of a pet, because it is recommended after contact with them to wash their hands.If you get the eggs begin to develop in the intestine larvae that grow to adult worm within a few weeks.

main reason pinworm infection - this dirty hands. This problem is caused by helminths in kindergartens and primary school, where children occur between close contacts and hygiene rules are not always observed.

symptoms of pinworms

In most cases, infection with pinworms begins to emerge in a rather short period of time. first symptom of pinworms is the presence of severe itching in the anus at night .Sometimes the disease is accompanied by pain in the navel and in the place where is located the large intestine.Most noticeable increased stool, its texture becomes pasty, sometimes there may be mucus.In rare cases, there may be the appearance of allergic reactions.Additionally, pinworms themselves can be detected on the laundry, such as helminths females after laid eggs almost immediately killed.This often occurs when they are located outside the body.

pinworm infestation is easy to identify medical conditions.It is necessary to take the analysis, for which the surface of the skin of the perineum is applied a special tape that is subsequently examined under a microscope.

Treatment of pinworms in children and in adults

Do not panic if you found pinworms, as the disease is treated fairly simple.If you carefully observe the rules of hygiene, the disease can pass without any additional treatment.But it is necessary to take into account that the infection is prone to cyclical as possible resumption of the disease after recovery.

Treatment of pinworms in children and adults is carried out using special anthelminthics 2-3 course , between which there is a break of a few weeks.At the end of each course you need to do test samples.

The illness is advisable to wear tight underwear, made of thick fabric, which prevents the spread of pinworms eggs.Underwear should be changed several times a day.Before putting on his underwear need to iron iron.

Preventing pinworms

As a precaution pinworms must be met uncomplicated preventive measures: wash hands before eating, after going to public places, contact with animals;monitor the cleanliness of nails and not to forget the time of their haircut, so helminth eggs will not be able to get into the body.