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Eczema treatment and ear symptoms

Eczema is a chronic skin disease, which is characterized by itchy erythematous, vesicular rash.

Causes of eczema ears

ears Eczema can occur for a variety of reasons.These reasons are divided into local and general.The reasons include the nature of the local leakage of pus from the ear, abrasions when wearing overalls, infection of skin when scarification, contact with irritating substances, etc.Common causes - a disease of the endocrine system and internal organs, allergic reactions to certain substances, psychogenic and neurogenic factors.

Symptoms of eczema Eczema ears

ears first manifests itself acutely, then goes into a chronic form, in which relapses.

There are four forms of eczema ears: seborrheic, microbial, and a true professional.

for the acute period of the true characteristic of eczema rash microvesicles on a slightly edematous erythematous skin.In acute weeping eczema microvesicles opened quickly, in their place, a large number of small erosions point on which there are drops of sero

us fluid, the so-called symptom of "dew".

Some bubbles without opening, dry up, covered with crusts, but at the same time there are new bubbles.Consequently, the main symptoms of eczema lesions ears are polymorphic when all pathological elements (erosion, vesicles, erythema, crust and scales) are on the surface of the affected area.

Professional or contact eczema occurs most frequently in case of hypersensitivity to various substances available in the workplace.

for microbial eczema is characterized by its development as a result of secondary eczematization pus from the ear, the surface pyoderma or irritation.

the transition of acute to the chronic form of eczema, there is a significant decrease in redness of the skin, the affected areas of the skin normalization islands appear, but the disease does not disappear, but takes place in a sluggish manner.

Abortive form of eczema - eczematid in which the skin appears a large number of (sometimes single) erythematous itchy and flaky round or oval patches of various sizes.Their irritation manifested drip weeping.These rashes can occur after influenza, intestinal and acute respiratory infections, sore throats.

ears Treatment of eczema Treatment of eczema

ears can be local and general, it is sometimes common treatment, usually with neurogenic forms, plays a crucial role.

With the general treatment of patients prescribed sedatives, intravenous injection of a 30 percent solution of sodium thiosulfate, a 10 percent solution of calcium chloride, and others., As well as a multivitamin, vitamin B group, niacin and ascorbic acid, Aevitum, kvertsegin, Ascorutinum, rutinand others. Sometimes, with a total combined treatment effective anti-allergic agents.

Local treatment of acute eczema of the ear with swelling and sharp weeping includes moist dressings or cold lotion with astringent solutions (one percent solution of resorcinol, lead water, etc..).In subacute period scaly eczema and minor weeping apply creams with corticosteroids, or ihtioluvuyu Naftalan ointments and creams.

Acute eczema external auditory canal is treated in this way.First, to reduce the exudation avoid causing epidermal congestion and prevent reinfection, use lavage (one percent solution of resorcinol furatsilina in a ratio of 1: 100, etc.).Then the ear canal is dried, purified from products eczematization and treated his skin two percent solution of silver nitrate, and a day loosely plugging dry turundy ear.This procedure must be repeated two or three days, then use paste and ointment with corticoids.

the treatment of chronic eczema with severe infiltration of the affected areas of the skin affecting skin using products (Naftalan paste preparations tar) to increase the concentration.

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