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Treatment of spinal stroke

spinal stroke called acute circulatory disorder that occurs in the spinal cord.Circulatory disorders are chronic and acute.Acute ischemic disorders usually, they are divided into robust, the duration of which more than a day and transient - no longer than a day.

Transient violations occur frequently, often they occur during walking, and identified as spinal intermittent claudication.

Causes of spinal stroke

main causes of spinal stroke are:

  • pressing on tumor vessels;
  • atherosclerotic changes in vessels feeding the spinal cord and the aorta;
  • herniated discs;
  • spinal injury,
  • spinal tumors,
  • injury during operations of the aorta and its branches,
  • varicose veins,
  • aneurysm.

Symptoms of spinal stroke

Specific spinal stroke clinical symptoms appear suddenly and develop quickly.Their pace and severity of symptoms, depending on the location and the causes are quite different.Often at the beginning of the disease, pain in the back, then legs growing weakness, lost sensitivity to temperature, th

ere is a sense of loss of a hard surface beneath his feet, violated excretory functions - urination and defecation.

diagnosis of spinal stroke

In recent years, vascular pathology of the spinal cord is visualized using magnetic resonance imaging.But not always, this technique is capable of differentiating features of intramedullary lesions.To set the exact diagnosis used correlation between histopathology ischemia gray and white matter of the spinal cord (siongioznye changes, necrosis, mielomalyatsiya) and the data of magnetic resonance imaging.Treatment of spinal


the treatment of acute stroke, spinal used dexamethasone, glycerol, ethacrynic acid, Uregei, furosemide, mannitol that reduce swelling of the spinal cord.

to normalize blood pressure and heart activity prescribed cerebrolysin nootropil, Sermion, nicotinate ksantinola, dipyridamole, pentoxifylline, cavinton, reopoligljukin, cardiac glycosides.In addition, the use anticoagulants (neodikumarin, omefin, fenilin, heparin).

During the recovery period is used anticholinesterase drugs (deoxypeganine hydrochloride, galantamine, neostigmine methylsulfate), as well as methods of physical therapy: physical therapy, massage, paraffin and ozokerite applications, electrophoresis dibasol, potassium iodide, diadynamic currents.

Surgery held in hemorrhagic stroke and formations, constantly pressing on the vessel.Thanks neurosurgical treatment hematoma is removed, because of what the patient's condition improved significantly.A decision on the need for a surgical operation takes a specialist with the attendant of the patient and the particular characteristic of spinal stroke.

effectiveness of treatment depends on the complexity of co-morbidities (aortic metastases) and the size of the area of ​​softening.In most cases, doctors manage to eliminate pelvic disorders and partially restore sensitivity.

During treatment for spinal stroke can join bedsores, pneumonia and urinary tract infection.To avoid these complications for the patient must be well looked after.It should be properly fed, regularly change the wet linen in a timely manner to clean the intestines and periodically change the position of the body.

period of rehabilitation of patients after spinal stroke, the doctor should control, and the need to comply with all his recommendations and to adhere to regimens prescribed medicines.

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