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The main causes of increased heart rate and its treatment

Heart rate is higher, the more the heart will work on pumping blood and oxygen.Heart rate is usually faster because of the emotions, physical exercise, eating large meals, nervous excitement.In addition, the work of the heart affects the presence of excess weight at which it is more difficult to cope with the responsibilities entrusted to him.Consider what are the main causes of increased heart rate and its treatment.

reasons rapid pulse

In adults, the cause of increased heart rate is conducting sedentary lifestyle and lack of fitness of the heart muscle.If the heart is poorly trained, for him to perform the task to ensure normal blood circulation of the body during exercise harder.Therefore, to maintain the normal functioning, the heart is forced to work faster.

Increased heart rate in the elderly the elderly and children, rapid heart rate associated with the presence of the physiological characteristics of the organism.The heart rate in newborns is 120-140 beats per minute, due to the intensive growth of the organism.

There are many reasons for heart palpitations.What if rapid pulse?First and foremost, it is important to be able to distinguish between normal and pathological tachycardia body's response to physical activity transferred on the excitement, fear, worries, stress.The hallmark pathological tachycardia is that it manifests itself in a state of rest, which is why the question arises - how the disease was provoked palpitations?As these diseases can act febrile syndromes disruptions of the endocrine system, nervous and mental disorders, poisoning the body of alcohol or toxic substances.In addition, influence the heart can maintain a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity or the presence of bad heart.For the latter reason may develop heart failure.

The major internal and external factors include increased heart rate:

  • disturbed sleep or insomnia;
  • use of drugs that stimulate the nervous system (antidepressants);
  • use of stimulants;
  • use of psychoactive substances (hallucinogens, narcotics, aphrodisiacs);
  • abuse beverages that contain caffeine (strong tea, coffee, energy drinks);
  • by frequent stress;
  • fatigue;
  • excessive drinking;
  • long or indiscriminate use of certain medicines;
  • the presence of excess weight;
  • high blood pressure;
  • presence of disease (influenza, SARS);
  • strong physical exertion;
  • age.

Lack of potassium and magnesium Tachycardia can be caused by lack of body calcium and magnesium.But the excess of this substance also has a negative impact on the human body.During disease with an increase in body temperature, and there is an increase in heart rate.The immediate impact on the mechanism of cardiac problems is at work, in family life.The negative impact, especially on the heart, renders the use of chocolate in large quantities.

increased heart rate at low pressure

If the pressure is low, and a rapid heart rate, this may indicate the presence of vegetative-vascular dystonia, anemia, and others. Tachycardia can act as a sign of underlying disease as consequences of psycho-emotional manifestations.Tachycardia is a consequence of, and treatment should begin by explaining the reasons.

treatment increased heart rate

increased heart rate Treatment should start with a visit to the doctor to rule out serious disorders.Avoid the use of the means by which cardiac activity is stimulating effect.It is recommended that regular exercise and lose weight, because at the same time with a reduction in weight reduces the load given by heart.Status of the cardiovascular system can be improved through aerobic training.