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Stages of colon cancer and its early signs

Education colon cancer occurs in the tissues of the rectum, which is the longest part of the large intestine, or in the last several inches of the large intestine just before the anus.The exact causes of colorectal cancer are not known.There are people who have indicated a predisposition to the disease.There are four stages of colorectal cancer, which are characterized by certain symptoms of the disease.

stages of colorectal cancer

Under stage 1 colon cancer refers to the presence of a small clearly demarcated mobile tumors or ulcers, the size of which is in the largest dimension of up to 2 cm. It affects the mucosa and submucosal layer of the intestine.There is a lack of regional metastases.
On stage 2 colon cancer disease characterized by the presence of tumors or ulcers, the size of which is up to 5 cm, not going beyond the colon.She employs no more than half the circumference of the colon.Metastases are missing or are single, reaching the regional lymph nodes.
Colorectal cancer stage 3 is a
tumor or ulcer size in the largest dimension of which is more than 5 cm. It takes more than a semicircle cancer, she begins to germinate all layers of the intestinal wall.The regional lymph node metastases observed in a large number.
Under colon cancer stage 4 refers to the extensive decaying fixed tumors that sprout surrounding tissues and organs.It is noted the presence of many of metastases going to the regional lymph nodes.In addition, there are distant metastases.Obviously, the treatment of colorectal cancer 4 degrees is the most difficult.

first signs of colon cancer

By the first signs of the disease is the appearance:
- discharge from the anus of mucus, blood and pus;
- alternating constipation and diarrhea;
- discomfort, itching and pain, which are located in the rectum;
- pain during defecation, false urges to defecate.
for colon cancer is characterized by the slow growth of tumors in connection with the disease there is a gradual onset of symptoms.For the very first symptom is the appearance of mucous and bleeding from the rectum.Next to this is added to the basis of irregular chair when alternating constipation and diarrhea, during bowel movements appear painful and marked false urge to defecate.Over time, the patient noted the appearance of pronounced pain, cachexia, general weakness, fever.If the disease is unfavorable, it would entail a bowel obstruction, the occurrence of bleeding from the rectum, and related inflammatory processes, such as peritonitis, abscess, cellulitis.Hit the colon tumor is able to grow in organs located close to the bladder, vagina.

Diagnosis of colorectal cancer

Shortness differential diagnosis of colon cancer due to the fact that this is a symptom of the disease, similar to hemorrhoids: the emergence of discharge blood during defecation.Confirm or exclude the diagnosis of cancer is possible only by a qualified doctor (proctologist).Even with the survey of the rectum with your finger proctologist can be detected tumors located within 15 cm from the anus.Definitive diagnosis can be based on the presence of all signs of cancer of the rectum, and based on laboratory and clinical research.Treatment of selected doctor.The most effective method of treatment is surgical method.

prevention of colorectal cancer

In order to prevent development of the disease to people after the age of 40 years is recommended to be screened at least once a year for a proctologist.You must not forget that if you detect a tumor at an early stage of development, it can be cured in nearly all cases.In this regard, when the first symptoms of cancer should consult a doctor.