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Causes and symptoms of dry eye syndrome

dry eye syndrome in the modern world is a widespread pathology.This state is characterized by production of the tear fluid in insufficient quantities.Most often, the problem faced by people who spend much time at the computer, so you should have an idea of ​​what the causes and symptoms of dry eye syndrome.Eyeball person covered by a thin tear film that protects it from penetration of pathogenic microbes and drying, feeding the cornea, and acting as a lubricant during movement of the eyeball.

Causes of dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome can occur as an independent pathology, or to act as one of the manifestations of any disease.In this disease are overwhelmed by the tear glands of the body.
cause of the disease in women can be hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, during lactation, during menopause.
to drying results in an incomplete eye closure of the optic fissure, which is caused by the presence of neurological disorders or deformation of the century.Often with dry eye syndrome experi
enced by people who use contact lenses, if the lens is dried up, it begins to absorb moisture from the tear fluid.
addition, causes dry eye syndrome can be:
- birth control pills, anti-depressants;
- the use of eye drops that contain corticosteroids;
- taking certain drugs for the treatment of glaucoma;
- to demonstrate how the drops from the common cold;
- dry climate, all told, dust, urban smog, air conditioning, tobacco smoke;
- a lack of vitamin A;
- age;
- the presence of certain diseases (Sjogren's disease, Parkinson's, problems with the thyroid gland, lacrimal gland disease and age);
- adherence to strict diets;
- long work on the computer.
Thus, most of the reasons is due or not enough moisture in the body and the environment, or to the lack of fat.This is due to the fact that production is stimulated tears fatty acids.Additionally, the fat slows the evaporation of the tear film.

Symptoms of dry eye syndrome

If the degree of dry eye syndrome light, then under the influence of unfavorable factors of the feeling that in my eye foreign body, sand.For moderate gain and increased frequency characteristic symptoms of itching, burning sensation, photophobia, redness of eyes, watery eyes.
symptoms of severe dry eye syndrome are changes in the conjunctiva and cornea, the frequent presence of inflammation: blepharitis, conjunctivitis, as on the background of dry eye is a decrease of local immunity and easy connection of an infection.On the cornea may mikroerozii education, the development of filamentous keratitis, corneal ulcer.
Even if there are minor symptoms, a decrease in disability and reduced quality of life.This disease is significantly reduced physical activity caused by malaise, undermined by emotional and mental health.
The most common symptom of dry eye syndrome is the reduction or absence of at the edges of the eye lacrimal meniscus.Their place is usually filled with swollen and tarnished the conjunctiva, which "crawls" on the free end of the century.In rare cases, the tear film is possible to detect the appearance of a variety of "clogging" inclusions.Usually, as such inclusions are the tiny lumps of mucus, air bubbles, residues separated epithelial strands and other micro-particles that can float in the thickness of the tear film, lacrimal meniscus, and the lower conjunctival vault.They can move on the cornea and be clearly visible in the light of the slit lamp.
As another sign of dry eye syndrome appears characteristic discharge from the eyes, due to the high viscosity of pulling in the thin mucous thread that caused the patient discomfort.