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Pain in the upper quadrant - is a very alarming symptom

It is no secret that most of our population does not hurry with the reference to the hospital if they have a pain in the left or right upper quadrant.For a start, they are attempting to self-diagnosis and treatment on their own.And few people think that the wrong treatment can result in not very good effects.Pain in the upper quadrant - is a very alarming symptom.Consider what the disease can be accompanied by the emergence of such pain and what actions need to be taken.

pain in the right upper quadrant

are located in the right upper quadrant of the intestines, liver, gallbladder and the right side of the diaphragm.Pain in the right side region of the ribs can be connected with neuralgia, trauma, myositis, diseases of the pleura and the lungs.The specific cause of the pain and right upper quadrant is the presence of diseases of the biliary tract and liver.Among them may be holetsistityts, hepatitis, cholelithiasis.Hepatitis B is not a common cause of pain.In this disease often marked discomfort and f
eeling of heaviness in the liver.Pain on the right are more common in various forms of cholelithiasis - calculous cholecystitis, intrahepatic stones, etc.In addition, the discomfort is possible in the case of parasitic liver and biliary tract.
When the pain in the right upper quadrant is important to paying attention to the intensity and severity of pain.If you notice that the pain appears after you eat fatty foods, it says that there are problems with the gallbladder, whose role in the human body is very important.
If localized pain under the right breast and in the upper right abdomen, it may indicate a poorly functioning liver, the presence of infection or gallstones.The stomach is also located in the pancreas that secrete insulin, digestive enzymes and juices.The most common causes of pain include pancreatic inflammation - pancreatitis.For attacks of acute pancreatitis is characterized by severe pain, accompanying nausea, vomiting and profuse sweating.Pain can give back and to grow in the supine position.
Rarely in the right upper quadrant pain associated with renal pathology.

pain in the left upper quadrant

in the left upper quadrant located spleen, pancreas, stomach, bowel loops and the left side of the diaphragm.In this area, the frequent occurrence of pain may be associated with the spleen, the main work of which is that it eliminates the red blood cells from the blood.Discomfort in the left subcostal region may be associated with trauma spleen capsule with overstretching its excessive increase in the case, intercostals neuralgia, myositis (inflammation of muscle), different soft tissue injuries, ribs.Spleen tend to increase in volume in certain diseases.It is located close to the surface of the body, and therefore may break due to injuries and various diseases, such as infectious monokuleza.
When there is pain in the left upper quadrant, the cause may be a problem with the surface layers of the human body (chest and abdominal wall) or internal organs.Soreness left side near the edges may be associated with pancreatitis.In the same area can give pain in the pleura and the lungs, heart pain.In some cases, rooting in the left upper quadrant may in the case of diseases of the stomach, duodenum, transverse colon.In addition, the pain may be caused by inflammation of the stomach - gastritis, which is characterized by the appearance of dull pain, sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting.
Another possible risk of discomfort on the left side near the edges can be diaphragmatic hernia.