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Nephroptosis renal - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Nephroptosis kidney - a condition where a person has kidney moving or wandering.Thus from its normal position marked a strong shift of authority from top to bottom, it may be in the abdomen or pelvis.The kidney may return to the habitual or remain lowered.Normally, the kidney has a "breathing" mobility, ieyou breathe it moves down.Pathological mobility associated with the transition to a standing position.With the development of kidney disease may stop coming back.Consider the causes, symptoms and treatment.

reasons for the omission of the kidneys

reasons for the omission of the kidneys can be predisposed, weak ligaments, asthenic constitution.Such mobility may be associated with abdominal trauma, sudden weight loss, heavy physical labor, the weakening of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, extensive surgery.Women are more prone to this disease, due to the characteristic features of changes of internal organs during pregnancy and after childbirth.But you should know that is not always nephrop
tosis may be associated with any one disease or event.

Symptoms Nephroptosis

kidney disease early symptoms.The appearance of symptoms Nephroptosis celebrated simultaneously with complications:
- the development of hematuria in which appears in the urine admixture of blood, there is the presence of worm-like clot;
- increasing the pressure.It should be borne in mind that this may be due to a long stay in a standing position, after which it becomes permanent and can not be removed by conventional means to reduce the pressure;
- the appearance of pain localized in the lumbar region.First, they are characterized by the appearance in the tilt test, after which they become permanent;
- the development of pyelonephritis due to the fact that because of lowered kidney disrupted the flow of urine.
patients with asthenic constitution, and in advanced cases nephroptosis can be determined during the palpation of the abdomen while standing and lying down.Typically, the suspicion of nefroptoza may arise during the ultrasound examination.But in order to confirm the diagnosis is necessary to perform excretory urography - a contrast study of the kidneys.

Treatment Nephroptosis kidney

As the only real method of conservative treatment of kidney Nephroptosis advocates the appointment of therapeutic exercises in the early stages Nephroptosis.Typically, such treatment is indicated for the diagnosis of accident, during the routine inspection.There is a simple set of physical therapy exercises at nephroptosis, which recommended to the morning every day.In addition, if the omission of kidney doctor can be assigned to a bandage, which is also one of the methods of medical treatment of the disease.Wearing a brace is currently recommended in the early stages of the disease, when there is no pain and expressed no complications of the disease.Wearing a brace during nephroptosis supports the contents of the abdomen and zabryushnogo space due to the fact that increases abdominal pressure and limited mobility of the kidney.
addition to conservative treatment of existing operational - holding an open nephropexy.This procedure is an operation that is carried out from a wide incision in the upper quadrant of the lumbar region to the middle of the abdomen.In this technique the operation has a number of shortcomings, which include the fact that after surgery remains a cosmetic defect.In addition requires a long period of rehabilitation in which the patient must comply with bed rest for several weeks.

Consequences Nephroptosis kidney

as consequences opuscheniyanefroptoza kidney disorders may cause the flow of urine, ie,possible abandonment of urine from the bladder back into the kidney.This complication is called vesicoureteral reflux.Due to violations of the outflow of urine may be a lot of problems.

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