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Methods for the removal of atheroma : Surgical and Laser

Under the atheroma, or wen, is meant a benign tumor, which is formed due to the fact that clogged excretory duct of the sebaceous gland.Atheroma soft to the touch, a circular shape is formed beneath the skin and can have different sizes.For a long time it can be quite small in size, and will probably increase.Most often atheroma develops on areas of skin that are rich in sebaceous glands.For atheroma characteristic tendency to infection and suppuration.In the case of festering atheroma, it increases in size, redness, swelling is formed, it is becoming painful, body temperature rises.When festering atheroma can break out on their own, which will result in pus from saloobraznym content.To date, there are the following methods for the removal of atheroma: Surgical and Laser.

operation to remove atheroma

Ater be removed at any stage, without wasting time.If the tumor was discovered inside of infection and pus, you need careful dissection of atheroma, the removal of pus, and only then proceed to remove th
e bag, which is a cyst.Atheroma is localized on oily skin, in connection with what is necessary to observe personal hygiene, use of appropriate cleaning agents: masks, scrubs, in the process of washing is recommended to use a washcloth to remove excess fat.Atheroma is a benign tumor, and the disease may be treated at any stage of development, regardless of the size of the tumor.If you ignore a timely appeal to the specialist and do not take drastic measures relevant wearing surgical in nature, in a subsequent cyst begins to grow, swell, become inflamed, resulting in possible subsequent formation of pus.

Removal of atheroma surgically

When removing atheroma surgically cut out not just the contents of the atheroma, but its capsule because even if it remains a small part of the capsule, then this may be caused by recurrent education.This method is used if other techniques has not been achieved due result.The surgery is performed under anesthesia and the removal itself is performed through a puncture in order to avoid scarring.Operation begins with analgesia anesthesia, after which the surface of formation of an incision.If the cyst is a hole, in this case, it made the cut 2, which covers the hole.Clean out the contents of the tumor and subcutaneous retina sutured cosmetic seam, using absorbable sutures.This method has a drawback, which is that after the removal of atheroma is a scar or scar.In addition, the classical surgical procedure meant contact with the tools, and therefore there is a possibility of infection.Plus, there is no guarantee that the atheroma will not appear again in the same place.

Removal of atheroma laser

In some cases, you can remove the atheroma using a laser.This method is suitable for those with the disease state is not running.For small amounts of tumor she opened the laser, followed by oral treatment.This procedure is more gentle.Removal of atheroma laser is carried out under local anesthesia, the surgery itself takes 15-20 minutes.If the delete operation is performed on the head, there is no need for shaving the hair on the site of the procedure.After evaporation of the laser altered tissue wound treated by the antiseptic and components, which promote rapid healing.

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