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Atrophy of the gastric mucosa - atrophic gastritis

atrophy of the gastric mucosa is dangerous because the disease is a precancerous condition.The cells of the gastric mucosa in a healthy person need to be updated all the time becauseis continuously being damaged, they come in contact with the digestive enzyme pepsin and acid.However, this protective mechanism can give failures and, if the process of cell renewal decreases the amount of gastric glands, which is an irreversible process.In this case there is atrophic gastritis.

reasons atrophic gastritis

Atrophic gastritis in most cases, is a consequence of a chronic inflammatory process in the gastric mucosa.Typically, atrophic gastritis is an outcome of that kind of gastritis - bacterial caused by the microbe Helicobacter pylori.Microbe is 2 effects that result in the development of gastritis: they directly damaged mucous membrane of the stomach and through the mechanism of the excess production of hydrochloric acid.The bacterium is disabled feedback regulates the production of acid in the stomach.If

a healthy body, it will cease its isolation, when the level of acidity exceeds the norm.If the stomach is infected with Helicobacter, then it does not occur in connection with the acidity is the development of mucosal inflammation, death of its cells.With the depletion of cell regeneration begins to atrophy.If the cause of atrophic gastritis bacterial began running, it is always a consequence of the delay in diagnosis and treatment.In some cases, the cause of atrophic gastritis is the presence of autoimmune disease, which has no history of bacterial.Its origin is related to the immune system errors, which the cells of his stomach are perceived as foreign, resulting in their destruction begins.

Prevention of atrophic gastritis

main rule preventing atrophic gastritis is a complete cure of H. pylori infection.This requires holding one or two weeks of treatment 3-4-name drugs, two of which are antibiotics.It is not necessary to carry out self, as not all the possible elimination of H. pylori with antibiotics.Provided a few highly effective treatment regimens to choose which should see a doctor.

Nutrition for atrophic gastritis

First of all, when atrophic gastritis should abandon pickled, canned and smoked products, opting for a simple freshly prepared food.Smoking, especially on an empty stomach, and the use of alcoholic beverages is harmful.It is better to eat at home, bypassing the outdoor places such as Pyrozhkov or Cheburechnaya.If there was the slightest suspicion that the product is not fresh, it is better to throw it away.The power switch is recommended dairy products.In addition, you should avoid lack of sleep, work, and emotional overload.Nutrition in atrophic gastritis should be fractional and the day to be at least 4 times.If the food portions are large, the sick stomach can not cope with their digestion.

treatment of atrophic gastritis

the treatment of atrophic gastritis, it is first necessary prior removal of the disease - bacterial gastritis, which is usually provided for the appointment 3 drugs.One gastric secretion of hydrochloric acid is reduced, other two are antibiotics.The duration of medical treatment is at least 7 days, after which the treatment of atrophic gastritis is assigned to substitution treatment, in which patients with medicines obtained hydrochloric acid and pepsin, which lacks due illness, or drugs that stimulate their development.These drugs are substances that enhance the secretion of gastric juice in the cells that remain.

Of course, during the treatment of atrophic gastritis is important to complete, balanced nutrition, in particular - the rejection of products that contribute to irritation of the mucous (sharp, savory dishes, coffee, tea, alcohol).At least once a week is necessary to conduct fasting days.Before treatment should be put in order the teeth as for proper digestion is important act of power, asit plays a role not only shredding food and impregnating it with saliva, which contains the enzyme for digestion of food.It is recommended to eat slowly and often in connection with the fact that it helps to reduce the functional stress at the stomach.