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Methods of detoxification of the body

By detoxifying the body is understood the method by which we can effectively get rid of physical and mental toxins.Our body can be trashed by poor quality food, environmental pollution, stress, excessive alcohol consumption and addiction to tobacco.Consider what may be methods to detoxify the body.

Detoxification body

Medics been found that annually adult consumes approximately 4 liters of pesticides, about 5 kilograms of a variety of food additives and artificial preservatives, approximately 2 kilograms of harmful solid substances entering through the lungs Avoiding such toxic attack is not possible, but thereminimize the chance of harm caused by it.

to detoxify the body of the procedure does not require special diets.Enough consumption of healthy natural food, providing full body with all necessary.In addition, detoxification of the body provides for periodic cleaning of the body.

methods to detoxify the body

The methods of detoxification of the body, above all, attention is drawn to the breath

, which is a natural process for human beings.But not everyone knows that with the help of breathing may exponential decrease stress levels, which is provided by supplying oxygen to the cells of the body.Typically, a person does not follow the process of breathing, and use only a small portion of the volume of the lungs.Because of this shallow breathing is often stress and fatigue.With a deep breath during the day, squeezed the muscles relax, what has a positive effect on the body.Proper breathing the same effects as meditation.If there is the desire most effective cleaning body can use the following method.

At sensation at the end of the day some stiffness that occurs in the chest, in case of need a short break between routine chores, you must concentrate on your breathing.Take a deep breath, expanding the chest as the lungs fill with air, hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale.When this procedure is useful to provide beneficial effects of oxygen on the body when updating cells of your body.

addition, the possibility of detoxification of the body through the dry cleaning, for which you need to purchase a brush with natural bristles.She needs to clean, dry skin, blood flow toward the heart.This method is very effective in stimulating the immune and lymphatic system, this removes dead skin cells.In particular, you need to thoroughly clean the arms, back, stomach and legs.

also an excellent method for the detoxification of the body made of water consumption.This fluid flushes toxins from the digestive system of the person, in this regard, do not underestimate this method.After waking up will be useful to drink 1 glass of water to cleanse the body of toxins that had accumulated over the night.During the day, it is desirable to intake as much as possible the number of required liquid, so your body will be able to work as efficiently as possible.It is recommended to carry a bottle of water with you to maintain optimal water balance.Water should be of high quality, not running, that flows from the tap.

should also take into account the important role of sweating at removing toxins.If you use water or lemon juice, then you will help your body in the process of purification by the fact that to ensure the necessary separation of sweat.The beneficial effects on health can also be provided to physical activity, and periodic visits to the dry sauna.To increase the effectiveness of this procedure, it is recommended the use of vitamin B3.

are the following methods of natural detoxification of the body:

  • perform gastric lavage;
  • use of forced diuresis;
  • use of therapeutic hyperventilation;
  • perform bowel cleansing.

Among the methods of artificial detoxification of the body, you can use:

  • peritoneal dialysis;
  • intestinal dialysis;
  • gastrointestinal dialysis
  • lymphosorption;
  • plasmapheresis;
  • exchange replacement of blood;
  • hemodialysis;
  • hemosorption;
  • plasmasorption.

antidote detoxification methods are classified into chemical antidotes, including contact action;Parenteral action, biochemical, pharmacological antagonists and antitoxic immunotherapy.