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Keratomas - types , causes and treatment keratomas

Under keratomas understood benign skin growths appearing on the body due to the fact that the growing stratum corneum of the skin epithelium.The appearance of a tumor on the skin is possible after 30, 40 years.In appearance resembles a freckle verrucosum, painted in a dark brown color.Over time there is actinic blemishes, peeling, transformation into plaques that are dark brown or black.Consider the types, causes and treatments keratomas.

Types keratomas

keratomas can be single and multiple.There are the following types of keratitis, depending on the shape and structure:

  • seborrhea, which is a spot that can be from yellow to brown.As the disease progresses keratomas grow, celebrated their seal on their education keratinized areas and cracks.The main venue is the appearance of the face and neck, and sometimes - the area of ​​hair growth;
  • senile in which white spots begin with, and then sold them dirty gray shade.Most senile keratitis accompanied by inflammation.Typically, they are formed in the
    abdomen, chest, back, upper arm or leg;
  • horn, which is understood as a neoplasm, towering above the skin surface.This type keratomas may be of various sizes and shapes and disposed at any locations cover skin.This type keratomas often turns into a malignant tumor;
  • sun, which is a dangerous form, in most cases is a precursor to the development of cancer.Fitting appearance are areas of skin exposed to the sun's rays;
  • follicular, which is a rare form of the disease, and are subject to it more often women.In the area of ​​the scalp and on the upper lip while noting the formation of nodules with pink or grayish color.Needless tumor less than 1.5 cm.

reasons keratomas

part of the reason for that appears verrucosum is the abuse of ultraviolet radiation.But the disease has a hereditary roots, which appear after the age of 40 years.Keratomas not among infectious diseases.

treatment (removal) keratomas

only treatment keratomas is its removal, which can be used in several ways:

  • laser removal, which is the most effective method in the fight against keratomas.The procedure is done once, after which, as a rule, in the same place is not formed keratitis;
  • cryosurgery, which is carried out at keratomas laser cauterization.This method is applied for the treatment of senile keratitis.After the procedure keratome keeps for about a week, then there is its destruction, and in its place is a new pinkish skin;
  • radiohirurgriya, is a common method used in cosmetology.When the operation uses a special radionozh.A method for removing a non-contact, he has established himself well as after it almost never occurs seal tissue and scarring;
  • electrocoagulation, in which keratitis is the impact on high-frequency current which causes significant heating and further destruction of education;
  • surgical method which is the most well-known method in which the removal of keratomas by using conventional medical scalpel.

After all keratitis removal methods described above, it is likely that the formation of scars or scars depending on the patient's skin and individual characteristics specific to it.