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Colette heart, stabbing pain in the heart

One of the most common reasons why people go to the doctor, is the emergence of stabbing pain in the heart.People of this vital organ guarded by instinct, and therefore, if the pricks the heart, it is always a concern, even if the pain is not different intensity.The causes stabbing pain in the heart can be a lot of factors, which vary depending on the nature of the emerging pain.When any disease pain is different, it has its own characteristics.

reasons why pricks the heart

Doctors pain in my heart is divided into two main groups: angioznye pain and cardialgia.The appearance of pain angioznyh promote different stages of coronary heart disease.The emergence cardialgia comes amid the presence of inflammation, congenital diseases, heart diseases, vegetative-vascular dystonia.
In the case of diseases, wearing a rheumatic character, with the defeat of the heart muscle, in the presence of inflammation of the pericardium man in the left side of the sternum for a long period of time may be tested achi
ng and stabbing pain, which is characterized by strengthening with a deep breathand cough.Taking pain relief medications can be achieved on time.
emergence of stabbing pain may be due to the presence of diseases of the heart, they can trigger diseases of other organs: intercostal neuralgia, rib cartilage pathology.Increased pain in these diseases occur when tilting, turning the body, sudden movements of arms.Neurotic patients also note the appearance of pain in the heart that occur short-lived attack.Pain in the heart may be caused by a curvature of the spine, or a weakening of his thoracic, pinching a nerve root.
to common reasons why pricks the heart include:
  • occurrence of myocardial infarction;
  • presence of angina pectoris;
  • presence of pericarditis;
  • development of pulmonary embolism;
  • neurocirculatory presence of dystonia;
  • presence of osteoarthritis.
myocardial infarction pain occurs suddenly, it is impossible to endure, as a rule, it is mainly localized in the chest.In most cases, there is a return of pain in the left shoulder, upper arm, lower jaw and neck.She is accompanied by the fear of death, the appearance of dizziness, shortness of breath, cold sweat occurrence.May cause nausea, vomiting, loss of consciousness is not excluded.Usually the pain is different intensity, its duration more than 15 minutes.
Angina pain also occurs suddenly because of the presence of coronary atherosclerosis.The pain can be in nature and weak, and intolerable, localized behind the breastbone.Giving pain is felt in the shoulder blade, left shoulder, neck and lower jaw.The main difference from myocardial infarction is the duration of the pain, which is less than 15 minutes, and stops if the person is at rest or take nitroglycerin.Most often, this pain is caused by stress and physical exertion may possess the character of the system, ie,its appearance occurs during certain hours.
In the case of pericarditis is characterized by pain for the possession of a number of features:
  • gradual onset;
  • increase in intensity for several hours;
  • projection on the left side of the chest and behind the sternum;
  • returns in the right upper quadrant, neck and epigastrium;
  • gain in breathing, swallowing, change in body position;
  • subsided when making a prone position on his right side, with his feet pressed against the chest;
  • relief by receiving pain medication;
  • support sweating, weakness, nausea and vomiting, hiccups.
When pulmonary embolism is important to determine not only the nature and location of the pain, as well as the presence of associated symptoms.For the appearance of this disease is characterized by severe dyspnea, cough and hemoptysis.The appearance of the pain occurs suddenly, with the localization of the sternum.She is accompanied by sweating, panic, syncope.
In the case of dystonia neurocirculatory pain is localized mostly in the left side of the chest, its duration may be several days.Predisposes to the appearance of the pain of stress, fatigue, anxiety.The pain may be accompanied by disruption of the heart, the appearance of shortness of breath, weakness and dizziness.If you take sedatives, the pain goes away.
When osteochondrosis felt tingling in the heart that occur in the event of destruction of the cervical and thoracic spine.It is noted increased pain when turning, movement, deep breathing, coughing.She is accompanied by the appearance of pain in the limbs and back.

What if pricks the heart

In order to understand what to do if you prick the heart, you must find out the cause, which has been caused by this phenomenon.
emergence of stabbing pain in the heart, usually due to the presence of vascular dystonia, which indicates the occurrence of disturbances in the nervous system.This disease can cause frequent stress or intense rhythm of life.
First of all, if you prick the heart, it is necessary to determine the presence of pain and depending on physical activity.When feeling stabbing pains in the heart of the need to feel the chest and try to determine the presence of a particularly painful areas.If any were found, they are not related to the heart.It should try to breathe deeply and check to see whether the inspiratory stabbing feeling.We have to check whether there was increased pain when turning torso, try a little change posture and to observe, if the pain persists.If some of these items was a positive response, the pain is not related to the heart.
If you strongly disturb stabbing pain in the heart, you should consult a doctor neuropathologist for assignment and passing the relevant examinations.If the doctor will doubt about the nature and origin of the pain, it can guide you to a cardiologist.

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