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Tingling in arms and legs , tingling in his left hand

emergence of tingling in the hands and feet can cause a variety of reasons, some of which are associated with the presence of health problems, and in some cases even with serious illnesses.But in most cases this phenomenon does not entail bad consequences.If there tingling in his left hand, then, as a rule, such a phenomenon is due to the lack of proper functioning of the nerves in the limbs .Often this phenomenon is perceived by people as an easy cramp, which contributed to the emergence of a wrong move.

identify several reasons, which may be associated tingling of hands and feet.If a temporary tingling in the limbs or severe, it may indicate the presence of hyperventilation syndrome, which often leads to the publication scream and panic tide occurrence.In providing constant pressure on one of the nerve may appear identical limbs tingling, which falls when removing external influence.

Causes tingling in the extremities

include chronic and acute causes of tingling in the extremities are following:

  • presence of nerve damage , that may be chronic or acute illness, depending on the damage caused in areas adjacentmuscle tissue.If the nerve is damaged, it is natural that this will cause stinging.If there are any suspicions that the tingling sensation associated with nerve damage, it should be noted that because of possible injury numbness or loss of sensation in a particular area.In addition, nerve damage can be reflected on the state of your health, and therefore the detection of the first symptoms should see a specialist;
  • blood supply .Atherosclerosis occurs blocking of the arteries due to plaque formation than can be caused by the occurrence of complications in the area where the blood flows to the heart.Such a state facing deteriorating health and detection of such symptoms need proper medical advice and assistance;
  • presence of diabetes , which is the result of the work of glucose.The disease affects the level of insulin in the human body.In the absence of proper treatment of the disease there is a risk of effects affecting the nervous system.If a person is prone to diabetes, they often can tingling in hands and feet;
  • presence of thyroid disease .In case of any problems with the thyroid gland may experience tingling and numbness in some cases, hands and feet.The cause tingling and the appearance of such phenomena appears hypothyroidism, whose main symptom is the appearance of tingling in his hands;
  • presence of Buerger's disease .In the case of excessive smoking may experience tingling sensations associated with the lack of sufficient blood flow;
  • presence of multiple sclerosis .Among the first signs of multiple sclerosis are the appearance of a burning sensation, increased sensitivity and tingling in the extremities.In this case, the disease develops due to complications of blood flow.
  • the presence of Lyme disease , anxiety, low electrolyte levels and situations where very tired joints, causing swelling and sometimes arthritis.

tingling in his left hand

The causes tingling in his left hand are:

  • approaching heart attack.Thus in addition to tingling, a man in the chest and jaw pain occurs;
  • stroke;
  • providing excessive pressure or stress on the left hand, so that you may feel tingling fingers and hands;
  • severe weakness or fatigue;
  • improper blood flow associated with wearing tight, tight strong hand clothes, jewelry on the wrist, as well as sleeping in an uncomfortable position;
  • presence of any disorders related to the spine: a bulging disc, dislocation or fracture of the vertebrae in the neck, the cervical nerve entrapment;
  • problems with the vessels;
  • presence of carpal tunnel syndrome, which occurs in the case of compression of the nerve and circulatory disorders in the hand.

reason for going to the doctor is a sense of confusion in the mind, the loss of self-control, for example, when a bowel movement, the emergence of severe weakness, until he lost consciousness, and in cases where the tingling came after a head injury, back, neckor fall in the amplification tingling hand while driving or walking, the occurrence of dizziness and too frequent urination .

The tingling in his left hand

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