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Treatment of boils or boil an autopsy ?

Under furuncle understood acute necrotic inflammation of the hair follicle and the connective tissue that surrounds it.Causative agent is Staphylococcus aureus.Furuncle may occur due to pollution, scratching and abrasions of the skin, increased sebum flow and the skin, vitamin deficiency, metabolic diseases.When a patient is admitted to the boil surgical department, which provides for holding of local and general treatment of boils or boil an autopsy.Treatment includes antibiotikoterpiyu.

Treatment boil

For the topical treatment of boils provided the use of pure ihtiola.The surface boils ihtiola greased and covered with a thin layer of cotton wool.Such packs are superimposed one time per day and removed by wetting with warm water.Apply ihtiolovye tortillas needed before the boil will reveal not.After his opening should use ointment (2% white mercury, 1% sintomitsinovaja et al.) Or hypertonic saline solution in the form of stickers, which are strengthened by a kleola.Not recommended the imposition of
circular bandages because of the possibility of dissemination.At the same time it is advisable to use dry heat (heaters, UHF), so you can speed up and reduce the duration of treatment of pain.Contraindicated use of warming compresses.During a change of labels you need to boil the skin around wiping using a 2% salicylic or camphor alcohol.If the boil appeared on the skin of the face, in large folds on the scalp, it is a radiotherapy.Conduct in the event of a total treatment of uncomplicated single boils (except boils on the face) is optional.
to expedite the resolution of the boil, we recommend that the autohemotherapy, the use of sulfa drugs, antibiotics.If the disease is complicated by lymphangitis and lymphadenitis, the shows antibiotics or sulfa drugs.If boils solitary, but often recur, it is desirable for the purpose of desensitization a course of immunotherapy (staphylococcal vaccine, especially autovaccine, toxoid, and others.) Or autohemotherapy.
If carried out local treatment boil, it ripens faster, resulting in a recovery occurs in a shorter time.General treatment of boils purports to address global and local reasons for its occurrence.

autopsy boil

autopsy boil underlies his surgery.As a result of this operation is provided from the cavity outflow (drainage) pus.The surgical technique is a very effective way to treat boils, because it decreases due to intoxication and prevent complications.
The procedure of opening the boil lasts a few seconds.Carrying out the procedure provided using local anesthesia, which completely eliminated the pain.Particular attention should be given to opening the issues relating to health and safety of the patient, because if the infection gets into the blood, that is, the probability of infection of blood and death.
After cleaning the wound the doctor must be installed drainage, for which, as a rule, use a special rubber strip.After that, the skin at the site where the intervention, a small bandage is applied with hypertonic saline.In some cases, by decision of the treating physician can be applied dressings with antibacterial ointments.
If the operation was effective, but boils reappear, the necessary blood donation to the general analysis to eliminate the probability of having diabetes as purulent inflammation of the skin in most cases it is a sign of this disease.In the absence of diabetes should pay attention to their hygiene habits, and revise them, spending more time caring for the skin cover.