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Retinal vein thrombosis

Under retinal vein thrombosis refers to an acute circulatory disorder that occurs in the central vein or its branches.In severe cases, a person can be completely blind.Retinal thrombosis facilitated by the presence of diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis.But the disease can face and young people who have these diseases are absent as a result of the presence of infectious diseases, including sepsis, influenza, focal infection of the paranasal sinuses or mouth.

clinical picture of thrombosis

development of deep vein thrombosis of the retina is due to the fact that a particular vessel or its branch clogged by a blood clot, resulting in the capillaries of the retina observed regurgitation, which entails an increase in their pressure, than turnthe retina caused by hemorrhage, edema and lack of oxygen.The clinical picture of retinal vein thrombosis notes support various visual impairments, possibly even the development of blindness.

If the thrombus formed in the central retinal vein, it means that t

he process affected the central part of the retina, and therefore the probability of recovery is very low.

reasons vein thrombosis

The reasons of occurrence of venous thrombosis are vessel closure, which, in turn, can result from atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, especially when races are often blood sugar and blood pressure.Cause thrombosis in young people may be for infectious diseases, such as influenza, sepsis, focal infection of the paranasal sinuses and the oral cavity.The development of retinal vein thrombosis can affect the presence of ocular hypertension, papilledema, putting pressure on the eyeball from the outside.

Among the risk factors stand out:

  • maintain a sedentary lifestyle;
  • presence of obesity;
  • presence of endocrine disruption;
  • presence of vascular disease and heart.

symptoms of thrombosis

Upon detection of retinal vein thrombosis in the early stages of diagnosis is usually made by chance during routine inspection.This is due to the fact that in the early stages of the disease symptoms.Patients begin to notice that their vision is deteriorating, appears blurred and distorted image after some time.If the disease is not the macula is involved, such symptoms are not necessarily present.

for disease characterized by the gradual development, and complete loss of vision occurs only if treatment is begun late.

diagnosis of thrombosis in the diagnosis of venous thrombosis of the retina no problems.To do this, provided the use of the following studies:

  • visometry;
  • perimeter;
  • biomicroscopy;
  • ophthalmoscopy;
  • fluorescein angiography;
  • optical coherence tomography of the retina;
  • perform common blood tests, urine tests, blood glucose, coagulation, cholesterol, lipids, protein fractions, research clotting time;
  • blood pressure, perform an ECG;
  • on the testimony - a request for advice to the therapist, cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist.

Treatment of retinal vein thrombosis

It is advisable to begin treatment retinal vein thrombosis immediately after diagnosis.In this disease can be assigned to the following groups of products:

  • antihypertensive if thrombosis was the cause of high blood pressure.For oral administration can be assigned to nifedipine or fenigidin intravenously - Dibazolum and papaverine, intramuscularly - Lasix, locally - hypotensive drops;
  • fibrinolytic to the affected vessel to restore blood flow - parabulbarno plasminogen;
  • direct anticoagulants, such as heparin parabulbarno;
  • antiplatelet agents, designed to prevent recurrent thrombosis.For example, aspirin, clopidogrel, etc .;
  • hormones systemic and local.Parabulbarno or intravenously - Dexon;
  • angioprotectors (Dicynonum, etamzilat, emoksipin);
  • vitamins (C, B group);
  • antispasmodics (Riabal, papaverine, no-spa).

To improve microcirculation and pentoxifylline reopoligljukin used intravenously.

a few months provided laser coagulation of the retina, and in the case of increase in macular edema of the affected vessels delimit the central zone.

dissolving blood clot in the vein of the retina, is possible only within the first 5 minutes after the occurrence, and therefore the treatment is aimed at eliminating the consequences of the disease.Sometimes there is a need for surgery.To prevent the occurrence of newly formed blood vessels in the iris and the retina may ponabitsya conducting laser coagulation of the retina.

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