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Nutrition and diet in acute gastritis

Today gastritis is one of the most common diseases.Due to inflammation or irritation of the gastric mucosa, gastritis which arise, a person feels pain in the upper abdomen, and discomfort.

Gastritis can be acute or chronic.Acute gastritis occurs suddenly, but with proper and timely treatment is begun quickly enough.Chronic gastritis is a consequence of untimely or incorrect treatment initiated.Usually, healing from it takes a long time.

cure gastritis, fortunately, not so difficult.To do this on a par with the reception appointed vrachom gastroenterologist medicines, therapeutic diet must be followed.

Proper nutrition in acute gastritis

In acute gastritis is very important to choose the right foods and prepare them accordingly.Keep in mind that food should not stay long in the stomach and irritate it.Therefore, foods are best boiled, steamed or baked in the oven.Meat and cooked vegetables should be consumed only in the form of frayed.Meals can be prepared in the fresh cream, soy, olive or sunflower


should also bear in mind that with gastritis patient's stomach is greatly reduced resistance to various kinds of infections, so cooking is necessary to observe the rules of hygiene, wash vegetables thoroughly before and after cleaning, dishes handle boiling water.

In acute gastritis schedule power is no less important than the menu.The food should be consumed in small portions at intervals of two - three hours, no more.Portions should not be large.

diet in acute gastritis

In acute gastritis, the first phase of the diet - fasting, which for a time will calm the gastric mucosa.During fasting should drink plenty of fluids (unsweetened tea or boiled water) not to bring the body to dehydration.

When the pain will decrease in low-fat diet may be administered broth (fat is removed with a paper towel), egg and rice water, and the next day - pureed soups and crackers from a white, finely chopped and dried bread.

After the disappearance of pain in the stomach necessary to gradually expand the diet.The menu is entered jelly, boiled soft-boiled eggs and liquid semolina, which can add a little butter.A little later in the diet of added oat and rice soups, pureed buckwheat, barley and liquid porridge.

fish and meat dishes are prepared in a special way.The meat or fish is cooked or steamed, and then passed through a meat grinder or blender.In acute gastritis can be eaten turkey meat, chicken, rabbit, veal and lean beef.

in dietary food are also included steamed grated cheese souffle, milk, broth hips, jelly of berries and fruits, diluted with water and sugar, juice of fresh fruits and berries, cream, weak tea, milkshake.

In no case can not eat cheese, sour cream, plain cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir.Contraindicated cakes, baked goods, snacks, spices, sauces, raw vegetables and fruits.It is strictly forbidden to drink carbonated drinks, kvass, cocoa and coffee.

After treatment, when health will improve, you need another three months to follow a diet to stomach could return to normal working condition.During this period, it is recommended to eat food mashed potatoes, spinach, beets, carrots, squash, pumpkin, normal boiled meat, meatballs of fish or meat.You can drink the water, pureed fruit drinks, green and black tea.

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