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Treatment of impetigo

As a rule, the treatment of impetigo performed at the clinic.Doctor explains that the affected area of ​​the skin rash can not be wetted with water, several times a day is necessary for them to apply agent with disinfecting effect.As such a drug can be used salicyl alcohol.For large size of the bubble, it is opened, the contents squeezed out and defeated treated with a solution of brilliant green, then the necessary medical treatment of lesions ointment.

How to treat impetigo streptococcal origin

When strep impetigo appear flabby, easy-open conflict with a thin casing and unclear content.Diameter formation may lie in the range of 2 to 10 mm.After opening the conflict in their place are formed erosion juicy bright pink.Discharge conflict may shrivel and turn into a thin crust of a light yellow color, which disappear after 3-7 days.After that stays fresh zaepitelizirovanny skin with pink shade or fire temporary depigmentation.

How to treat impetigo streptococcal origin?The main methods of treatment in

clude the use of disinfectants and ointments.The use of aniline dyes is provided in the case of the formation of small isolated pockets of a lack of abundant secretions and crusts.In the presence of crusts need to bandaging with white mercury 1-2% boric naphthalan streptocidal or ointment 5%.A good effect has the use of ointments comprising antibiotics, for example erythromycin ointment 1% "lokakortena neomycin", "Dermazolon" "Oksikort" "Lorinden C".In the case of the formation of extensive lesions accompanied by severe inflammation, apply lotion with a solution of resorcinol 1% ethacridine lactate solution at a ratio of 1 to 1000. The treatment is carried out simply depriving white mercury mazyu2-3%, which is added 1-2% salicylic acid.In the treatment of impetigo nail ridges require the use of antibiotics, in some cases, surgery is performed.

If the disease often recurs, and processes are very serious, it is an indication to the fact that, as a general treatment prescribed antibiotics.In this case shows the vitamin, especially providing vitamins A, C and Group B.

How to treat staphylococcal impetigo origin

distinctive feature strepto-staphylococcal impetigo is the presence of purulent yellowish thick contents conflict prone shrivel into thick crust yellowish-green hueunder which it is formed erosive wet surface.The main localization Impetigo is a skin of the face, extremities exposed.If a child is sick, and the case is heavy, it may be a complication of acute nephritis.

For the treatment of impetigo diagnosis is based on clinical picture, which in cases of doubt, must be confirmed by bacteriological examination.How to treat staphylococcal impetigo origin?First of all, it is necessary to eliminate washing the affected skin, and the skin should be washed with other sites using an antimicrobial soap.The skin around the outbreaks of lesions should be wiped 2% salicylic alcohol, tincture of calendula, which is necessary for the preparation of 1 tablespoongrasses pour 1 tbsp.boiled water, conflict and crusts should be impregnated with 2% alcohol, erosion - aqueous solution of aniline dyes (brilliant green, magenta, gentian violet), a strong solution of potassium permanganate.It can also be used linkomitsinovaya, neomycin, geliomitsinovaya ointments and pastes, or a mixture of paste and aniline dye.If the disease is persistent and significantly extended during, for the treatment of impetigo appointed by oral antibiotics (lincomycin, cephalexin, azithromycin).Besides, for the treatment of staphylococcal impetigo origin it can be shown to UV irradiation.It is necessary to avoid contact with sick children healthy.

Complications of impetigo

In most cases, impetigo is not characteristic of the occurrence of complications, but sometimes they can still occur.The most severe complications after undergoing impetigo are diseases of the heart and kidneys.

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