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Amentia ( amential syndrome) amential state

amentia is a particular confusion, which is characterized by incoherent thinking, confusion, inability to comprehend and understand the world in its integral form, which creates confusion and complete disintegration of consciousness.Patients, if they have separate perception that they are unable to associate with each other.They also can not combine the arguments and views.

However, they differ in the attention and observation, and try very hard to understand and comprehend the experiences surrounding the phenomenon.In addition, they are not able to systematically observe, as an extremely distracted.Thus, their perception is their rambling mixed scraps of which can form a holistic picture of the present as well as the chain can not recover memories of the past.Because of this, patients have a feeling of incomprehension, helplessness and uncertainty develops.They are in no way understand, do not understand and can not determine what is happening around them.

Symptoms amentia

amentia main symptoms is

inconsistent and incoherent speech, in which there is no grammatical perfection, which constitutes a violation of thinking.The patient says meaningless set of words, his speech is monotonous, it lacks emotional coloring, lost change intonation shades.Sometimes the patient's speech is incomprehensible amentia monotonous whisper alternated inadequate loudly spoken words singsong monotone and monotonous.

amentia usually occurs in chronic or prolonged exacerbations asteniziruyuschie somatic diseases.Patients are in a constant state of excitement, which is expressed by chaotic movements.They ripped it consists of individual words, they do not go to the contact.It inkogerantsiya (fragmentation) of thinking - characteristic for which amentia distinguished from other types of disorders of consciousness.

Patients amentia labile affective reactions - that they are indifferent to the environment, the smiling, the whining.Their behavior indicates a hallucinatory deception, in his statements often contain fragmentary delusional experiences, at night, you may experience episodes of delirium.

Sometimes, at the peak of amentia appear horeinformnye hyperkinesis and katatonopodobnaya simptomatka, expressed stupor or excitement.As recovery takes complete amnesia regarding the period amentia.

Treatment amentia

known that amentia usually develops in the presence of physical illness, so it is necessary to distinguish from delirium.It is very important in the provision of emergency treatment as amentia - more severe disturbance of consciousness, which shows a sharp deterioration in the patient's condition.

amentia used in the treatment of intravenous administration of 30 percent solution of sodium thiosulfate (one injection - 20 mg) and intramuscular administration of 2.5 percent solution of chlorpromazine (one injection - 2-5 mg).If a medical condition is contraindicated chlorpromazine, then the slow intravenous injection administered to 30 percent sodium thiosulfate (30 milligrams) with a 25 percent solution of sodium sulfate (5 mg) and subcutaneous pantopon 2 percent solution (1 mg).

to arrest the excitement prescribe intramuscular or intravenous (bolus or infusion) administration of 20-30 mg of diazepam (Relanium, seduksena) or intramuscularly 40-50 milligrams Elenium, or once a day inside - 5-8 milligrams fenazepama.

to clarify consciousness good effect is achieved by means of systematic intravenous drip or (worse intramuscular or jet) injection of 6-8 grams piracetam nootropil or, in severe cases 16 - 18 grams a day.One vial (20 mg of 5-percent solution) contains one gram of piracetam.

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