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Impetigo - empyesis

Under impetigo understood disease, which is characterized by the formation of superficial pustular eruptions bubble-type.Impetigo usually begins with the fact that there are painful red spots, which passes through the stages of bubbles turn into scabs on the type of honey-like crust.The appearance of pustular eruptions of this kind often occurs in children, adult males can catch it while shaving.Often impetigo is a complication of other medical conditions.Impetigo can be streptococcal, staphylococcal, vulgar (mixed).

manifestations of impetigo

to manifestations of impetigo include the appearance of the rash, which, depending on the variety of the disease may be in the form of multiple pustules and painful nodules in red, painful red mottled Bugorkova rash.Impetigo can be caused by streptococcal or staphylococcal infection, and combinations thereof.

staphylococcal impetigo

for staphylococcal impetigo (folliculitis) is characterized by the appearance of blisters (pustules) in the mouths of the sebac

eous hair follicles, reaching the value of a pea.The emergence of staphylococcal impetigo promotes immorality (excessive sweating, chemical irritation of the skin, the use of antiseptics).

Staphylococcal impetigo is a superficial and deep.For superficial folliculitis is characterized by the formation of multiple small pustules, which are imbued with the hair in the center and surrounded by a narrow border of pink.Their contents dries for 3-4 days, there are brown yellow, which then disappear, leaving no trace.

In the case of deep folliculitis skin nodules marked in red, the size of which has a diameter of 5 mm or more, other than soreness, sometimes in the middle of an abscess is formed.Several days later, a nodule or abscesses resolved.After a bundle heals, scar often remains.

ordinary (vulgar) impetigo

When combined streptococcal and staphylococcal infection, it is the development of a mixed (vulgar) impetigo.At the same time the contents of the vials can be purulent, and crust - massive.Most often vulgar impetigo is localized on the face, at least - on the trunk and extremities.When the crust removed, exposing the moist eroded surface.For ordinary impetigo is characterized by the appearance of a thin-walled flaccid bladder, which is converted within a few hours in the rough rind having a straw-yellow color.Serous exudate, formed under the crust, increases its volume.It noted the development of massive, rough, loose crusts, with several sunken center.After 8-10 days, crusts fall away, and in their place are hyperpigmented spots that first shelled, then disappear, leaving no trace.

Eruptions at vulgar impetigo appear on the face (from the nostrils, lips), for the ear.This localization is associated with licking lips, runny nose, purulent otitis media, and other factors.Also, rashes may appear on the hands.For the ordinary (vulgar) impetigo is characterized by swelling of the regional lymph nodes.

diseases are contagious, especially for children.Transmission through household items, or directly from patients.

Strep impetigo

for strep impetigo is characterized by the appearance of painful skin mottled red rash Bugorkova turning into small bubbles to 0.51 cm in diameter, filled with light content, which gradually becomes cloudy, and then - in a painless bubbles.Rashes may be scattered or clustered in groups, they are surrounded by a narrow rim of reddened skin.After the bubble burst, there are superficial ulcers oozing red, which later are covered with honey-colored crusts, disappears in 57 days.Eruptions commonly occur on exposed parts of the body, legs, arms.

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